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Just Girly Things are a series of photos and captions, meant to convey the emotions and experiences of girls. The marathon is the challenge that many people 30s upwards are taking up with great seriousness and discipline.
Basically the only difference between training for the 10km and marathon is the length of your weekly long run, medium runs, and intervals you run. The difference in performance between doing just long slow distance and incorporating interval and fartlek in your training schedule will astound you.
Perhaps the best way to judge the progress of your training without a coach or mentor is to recognize the signs your body is giving you.
Although wrist GPS watches are great at giving you time and distance information during your run, don't rely too much upon them.
Injuries are the curse of all good plans, but tell you that you are putting too much strain on your body. Try to get into the rhythm of the most economical running style you have developed during your training as soon as possible through focusing on the run.
The pace you run will depend upon so many factors in regards to how you feel, the conditions you personally prefer, and your fitness, etc.
As you will feel good over the early part of the race, the temptation to run faster than you should will be there. There is nothing more mentally positive than feeling relatively fresh at the halfway mark of the marathon with the necessary reserves available to slowly pass other runners on the way home to the finish. If you are used to running with others, then joining someone running the same pace is greatly beneficial.
If you have followed your training, you shouldn't need to get refreshments in a 10km or even half marathon, unless it is an extremely hot day, or you are running on the road for more than two hours. However the case is very different in the marathon, especially when you could be out there for 4-6 hours. As many find out, training for and running marathons is addictive and can completely change a person's life. All the wealth in the world can't buy you the experience and satisfaction of completing the marathon.
This Friday marks the Japanese launch of what has been one of the most widely anticipated games in years.
As the final pieces of the playable roster come together, and other details of the game are coming in from across the sea, it is clear that the hype train is finally rolling in to the station. In particular, there are some characters from some of the more recent titles that could use explaining. Xenoblade Chronicles came out in 2010 from Monolith Software, one of Nintendo’s newest partners.
Kid Icarus: Uprising was Sakurai’s lovechild, and proved to be one of the first great original titles to hit the 3DS. The characters were so charming that no one should be surprised to see the goddess of light, Palutena, being playable in the new Smash Bros. Because the game was developed by Sakurai, his infamous favoritism strikes again in the new Smash Bros.
There are three separate Mii Fighters playable in the game; Brawler, Gunner, and Swordfighter. If you think you might want to upgrade to an XL model of the system for better graphics and a more comfortable grip, now might be the time — just be wary of the New 3DS model just around the corner. Both games will have the same character roster, but there will be exclusive stages to each and there are rumored to be cross-over features available to those who purchase both copies of the game.
Just wanted to drop back in and report that I picked this game up and its…well, awesome. Whatever you do and how much, really depends upon how long you have been running, other commitments in life, and not least your personal aims. As little as 60-80 kilometers per week could put you in good stead for a great marathon performance. You may slowly build up you weekly long run to 15-16km run for a 10km race, a 16-25km for a half marathon, and 25-30km for a marathon.

Firstly, there are those at race pace covering distances of 1 kilometer or longer, say 2-4 repetitions with walking in between, and secondly those slightly quicker intervals over 200-600 meters with about 4-10 repetitions.
But don't overdo it as running up and down hills puts great strain on your knees and lower back. If your body feels flat and jaded from training then you may be overdoing it and should ease back. A day for a 10km race, a few days for a half marathon, and anything up to a month for a marathon.
My old coach Pat Clohessy, who was also the coach of the 1984 world marathon champion Rob DeCastella always said "do the running and the weight will look after itself".
So when above 40 years old, it may be necessary to have longer rests between harder training sessions to allow the body to recuperate. Try to find a relatively flat course that gives you the best opportunity  to achieve your target time. Get up at least two hours before the race and have your coffee, toast, oats, or whatever light snack you think you need.
You must run conservatively for the first 30km as it is only at this point in the race that the challenge really begins. The advantage is being able to run in a group that makes the pace easier, but a major disadvantage is the possibility of tripping over another runner. When you feel tired and lose focus through fatigue, that person next to you will help you cope with those down periods during the race. Get drinks in the early part of the race before you are thirsty, as taking drinks much later in the race when fatigue sets, won't be of much help. In countries like Australia, there are many people who take up running in lieu of a relationship with someone.
However, there are still a few weeks before players worldwide will get a hold of the game so let us now take a look at some ways you can be fully prepared to smash the competition on October 3.
Shulk is the protagonist of the game, and wields the mysterious Monado blade, which grants him special powers; as seen in Smash Bros. Fire Emblem has always been a less popular series that gets a surprising amount of representation in the Smash Bros. Lucina plays like a Marth clone but with a different style of sword, and anyone with knowledge of her character will understand why. The controls were a bit frustrating, but Uprising was a visual treat and had some truly original gameplay.
Her magic attacks seem extremely impressive from all the demos we’ve seen so far, so do not be surprised if Lady Palutena is one of the most used fighters when the game launches. There are several stages, items, and assist trophies from Uprising as well as convincing rumors that there will be a third playable Kid Icarus character in the final game.
On the 3DS, you can easily scan QR codes from various places online to download pre-made characters, like the official Nintendo mascot for the much-requested playable Reggie Fils-Aime character. The 3DS version is centered around a better single-player experience, with exclusive gameplay modes like Smash Run. 3DS, Wii U About AJ MoserAJ has had a lifelong passion for videogames first spurred by Pokemon Gold and continuing ever since. However these weekly distances would only be achievable in the 3rd year for the nascent runner. The later are particularly good for bringing down 10km times, which will assist in bringing down the times of longer races. Sore legs and lower back pains are signs your body is having trouble coping with stress of training. Relying on a watch to set your pace can lead to great disappointments as it may encourage you to run faster than suits you on the day, and cause injuries during training. Don't get involved in the situation where you are highly motivated to do extra training which only leads to injuries that take you away from training for up to three months, where you basically have to start your preparation all over again. There will be no "wall" as is often mentioned if you have done the work, but there will always be the likelihood that you can feel good one moment and terrible the next. You can mentally attach yourself to behind a person and imagine you are connected by an elastic band.

Surely characters like Mega Man and Pac-Man need no introduction, but there are a few new challengers that might leave even the most studied Smash veteran scratching their head saying, “Who?”.
You can finally play them in the newest game, provided you can design their Mii successfully. Custom Miis can not be used against random players online, but can be used in local co-op matches.
Make sure your 3DS is nice and clean; no sticky fingerprints on the buttons leftover from long nights of greasy snack-fueled gaming rampages.
However, the Wii U version of the game will launch around the Holiday season (though we’ve yet to receive an official release date) and be the definitive multiplayer experience of Super Smash Bros. Rather it's about pursuing an aspiration we have within ourselves to achieve something on our own. This way you are not just pursuing the quest to just complete a marathon, but preparing to run a quality one as well.
Race as often as you can because racing, especially over the shorter distances is one of the best forms of training. However unfortunately at middle age with our metabolism, even when training for the marathon, it's necessary to control your food intake while you bring your own weight down. It is best to ease back on your training the week of an important race so you can be at your freshest.
This helps you run at a strong pace but be careful you don't select a person or group having a faster momentum than you are really prepared for.
Running for many, brings meaning to one's life, and in this way is almost a spiritual experience.
Marth and Roy were featured in Melee, which came out in America before players got their hands on the first Fire Emblem title.
First of all, the character can be played as both genders, similar to the Villager from Animal Crossing. Brawl effectively revived the Kid Icarus franchise, and Uprising felt like a triumphant return.
So yes, Master Chief can pop up in the ring, and if by some awful fate, Solid Snake is cut from the roster, his Mii can still be used.
Let your loved ones know why you might be glued to your 3DS screen for weeks on end, and why you might be behind on sleep due to trying to unlock every character on the massive roster.
Your body can't cope with too many marathons unless you are just running them without any concern for time. An extra hard training run the week of a big race will do nothing to enhance your performance, and will most likely detract from it.
If you have selected a much stronger person or group than you can cope with and drop off that connection, you will suffer greatly from fatigue and most likely drop away through the field for the rest of the race.
Or, you might just have to softly break it to your new copy of Destiny why you won’t be coming back for a while.
The challenge also gives us the chance to travel and participate in some of the great mass marathons, and make truly good friends all around the world.
If you select a major marathon, the sheer number of people may help pull you through for a good performance. Run slower than you think you need to run and you will most probably find that you are running faster than you have planned anyway. All over the internet, fans labored to study teases and hints about playable characters, and went out in hordes to get their hands on 5 minutes of gameplay at the various demos across the world. The character will have various tomes, and use lightning and fire spells to crush opponents. Crucial to the selection of the marathon is the standard of marshalling and refreshments the organizers provide.

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