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People buy gifts, clothes, jewelry and various other things for family and friends to celebrate the occasion. Not only do you need to get your body ready for pregnancy, you need to think about getting your mind ready for pregnancy as well.
When preparing for pregnancy, women often take every course of action possible to ensure that they are getting their bodies as ready as possible. Probably the most important part of getting ready for pregnancy, is talking with your partner. Before getting pregnant, it is a good idea to also look at your relationship and see if there are any areas you need to improve before starting a family. Of course, when you are thinking of getting pregnant, you are thinking about having a baby.
Given that there are many factors that could affect one’s chances of conception, it is best that you consult your ObGyn to fully determine what prevents you from getting pregnant.
In the current Winter Issue of Cosmopolitan Pregnancy, I have an article featured on Getting Ready for Baby! No more babies for me but I did love the Cosmo pregnancy issue when I was pregnant with baby one. My daughter is only 12 days old, but the best tip I was given was to stock up on non-perishable groceries before your baby is due, and to freeze simple meals like spag sauce.
Now that the idea has been firmly (or vaguely!) planted in your mind, we must traverse you through the few essentials that a baby planning requires.
Preparing your body for pregnancy three months prior to the conception is ideal for a healthy pregnancy, according to the experts.
A conscious pregnancy can be attained if you are constantly checking your cycles and zeroing on the days you ovulate. Once you have received the green signal on the health front, you need to consider the lifestyle changes that are required for a healthy pregnancy. Smoking is also very injurious and you should stay away from active and passive smoking completely. Your dental problems which have been underlying need prime attention now – dental problems can cause preterm deliveries and underweight babies. Though this should be a part of your routine ever, do make it a point that you start exercising the moment you think of having a baby.
Babies are expensive, and so it is indeed a good idea to plan finances in order to not be caught unawares. Among other things like delicious snacks and meals, joy of giving to the down trodden , the festival brings on shopping, a much-awaited and joyous season.
Shopping malls, boutiques, retail shops and jewelry stores make special efforts to make it look festive.  People love to dress up for the occasion to reflect the joyous spirit and to attract shoppers with bargains and special designs for this festival. Like you can get your dress stitched in advance to save yourself from excessive trips to the tailor when they are under immense pressure and have too little time to understand and make what you want. After a whole month of Ramazan fasting and Iftar dinners one realizes little when it comes to Eid menu. Iron the clothes a day or two before and place shoes, jewelry and make up at the same place. We will exercise, get massages, take herbal supplements and fertility treatments, eat crazy foods and get acupuncture treatments to get our bodies ready to have a baby.
Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use. Generally, you should try to adopt a positive lifestyle to regulate your hormones well and take fertility supplements to boost your body’s fertility. I certainly subscribed to the sleep when baby sleeps, but I felt alot better about all that sleep when I woke up to a tidy house.
Least on the rattiest of days I know there is something in the pantry and an easy meal is only a pot of boiling water away. So start with getting a complete health check-up even if you have had a fairly healthy life and regular periods.

Exercising helps reduce stress, makes you energetic, controls constipation, and makes way for an easier labor. Work on your expenses and budgets, consider life without having two salaries, restrict impulsive shopping and get the money in order. For workaholics, it is advised to cut down on office work and to start working on your body, mind and health.
You can buy all you need before the prices are inflated due to the pressure of the festivity and before the crazy traffic rush is on the roads. If you start unplanned shopping, it could be quite heavy on your pocket and you are likely to buy many things you could have done without. Choose recipes that are quick to fix and do not need to be heated on the stove or chilled in the fridge time and again.
Get your vehicle filled up a day or two before and try to keep it full with fuel to avoid being late to the place where you want to go, whether to Eid gah or to a friend’s place.  Staying in the fuel queue for an hour or so can spoil the whole plan. Doing most of the things before the day will give you time to relax and meet up the guests, to watch a movie or television or adore your hands with hina and sleep early on Chaand Raat. Are you prepared to be responsible for another person for pretty much the rest of your life?
And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer! To begin with, some studies indicate that it takes more than nine months to give birth to a baby. The idea is to have a doctor’s opinion right at the beginning of this life changing journey for you and your little one. However, you should consider giving drinking a complete toss as whatever choices you make now have the capability of affecting your baby for the rest of her life.
For those of you who need help in giving up alcohol or tobacco or drugs, do not hesitate to take professional help. Read, write, watch movies, get plenty of sleep and try harmonising the atmosphere at work and home.
Infant, when you plan a pregnancy, you can add that extra zing in your sex life by trying various positions and enjoying it. In these worse times of recession and economic crisis, it is best to make a reasonable budget which fulfills all the needs. If you already have makeup and jewelry that you can match with your outfit don’t buy new ones.
Likewise get methai or cakes bought and packed a day or night before to avoid last minute rushes at the bakery.
Staying late night before Eid can make you irritated and sleepy the next day and you may not be able to celebrate and all the efforts will be futile.
Make sure that you have things in order in your relationship with your partner before you decide to start a family.
There are also complications that can occur, and things like postpartum depression to consider.
In a nutshell, make sure that you think your decision through and that you are prepared for your life to be forever changed. Similarly plan a complete task, buy matching shoes or get your dupatta laced or dyed before the last moment. Set a small table with all the clean plates, glasses and spoons etc and items like dry sliced cake, methai and halwa on it. Everyone knows that babies are expensive, so it can really give you some peace of mind to have the financial aspects figured out before you get started. Just make sure that you consider the negatives as well as positives, so that you can be prepared.
It is a good change, but a change nonetheless, and you should make sure that you are ready.
However I think there is certainly more peace of mind in recognising that people really won’t judge you if there are a couple of baskets full of clean washing (or dirty for that matter) and dishes in the sink when you’ve got a little baby and are working on little sleep!

It is good to take multi-vitamin supplements but again, do so only after consulting your doctor. After all, your happiness matters to you and from now on it will also matter to the baby you are planning to bring into this world. Make a list of things you want every family member to get and also mention the price range for that so that it does not exceed and make you short of cash. Saving things to do at the eleventh hour can only frustrate you and can ruin the whole spirit.
It is a good idea to reduce the extra flab as you would add on additional weight during pregnancy.
As soon as your guests come, just heat them in the oven and pour the soft drinks from the fridge and serve them. It will save you from the heat of the kitchen and will save your Eid outfit from getting sweat or oil splashes you might have from frying. You can also make small individual servings of kheer and sheer khorma and keep them chilled in the fridge.  Putting them in the large serving bowl will only make them warm, sitting on the table till the guests are gone. Not only will your life alter forever, but your body will undergo some fairly rigorous changes as well. Before you throw out the contraceptives, think about what you can do to get into the best possible shape for pregnancy. Doing this will reduce the risk of your baby having a neural tube defect – an opening in the spinal cord or brain – which can result in spina bifida or anencephaly.
For caffeine, in Britain, women are recommended to consume no more than 200mg per day while pregnant. If you are very overweight, seek medical advice while considering trying to become pregnant.DO SOME EXERCISE Do you already take regular exercise?
Gentle to moderate exercise that raises your heart rate for at least 30 minutes, three times a week, will help to get your body in good shape for pregnancy. They exercise ,many muscles in your body – and they’re enjoyable, too.Go to aerobics classes, but keep your movements low-impact and light once you become pregnant and avoid any strenuous exertion.
If you do have any existing health problems, seek medical advice before embarking on an exercise regime.STOP SMOKING!
It can increase the risk of miscarriage and also lower your pregnancy chances.There are lots of support groups and programmes to help you give up. If your partner smokes as well, why not try supporting each other?Products containing nicotine to help you stop smoking are best avoided if there is any chance that you are pregnant, as the drug will reach your baby. This is a good opportunity to learn about natural family planning, where you monitor your body’s fertility signs in order to try to pinpoint when you ovulate.When you’re ready to try for your baby, this will help you to know when you are most fertile, and therefore likey to conceive. Boost your fertility Thanks to scientific developments, nowadays a host of sophisticated medical treatments are available to increase your chances of becoming pregnant.You’ve been trying to get pregnant the natural way for quite some time now, yet still nothing seems to be happening. As far as you can tell, you’re doing everything right, and have followed every piece of advice available on boosting your fertility levels, yet there’s still no sign of a baby. You might have begun to feel like your situation is hopeless, and that you’ll never fall pregnant.
IVF can be demanding, costly, and does not always result in pregnancy, but the success rates are substantially better today than they were a few years ago due to advancement in reproductive technology.
Success rates do decrease in women over 40, however, for those whose egg count might have diminished with age, there is also the option of egg donation.Egg donation offers hope for a large number of women who previously thought they could never have children. If you have a fertility problem, you may be able to receive eggs from a donor in order to help you conceive. Treatment with donor eggs is usually carried out using IVF, and may be suitable for women who: are not able to become pregnant, carry genetic diseases which they do not wish to pass on, have had premature menopause, have had chemotherapy, or miscarry with their own eggs.
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