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Graves' Disease is a malfunction in the body’s immune system which releases abnormal antibodies in the presence of this disorder.
This is an autoimmune disorder in which body’s defense system attack its own gland, “Thyroid gland” (small gland in front of neck).
Thyroid gland gets triggered by the TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) for making thyroid hormones. In Graves’ disease the immune system makes antibodies that act like TSH which leads to Hyperthyroidism (production of too much thyroid hormone than your body needs) visible as goiter. Over active thyroid activity further speed up all body function such as enhanced production of thyroxin and increased metabolic rate, etc. Ultrasound, imaging tests, blood samples and physical exam are some of the traditional ways to identify Grave’s disease. All these tips will keep you motivated and make you feel good about yourself while you are still undergoing the Graves' Disease management routine with our herbal products.
Disclaimer: Information, statements and products on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. This is to inform you through this disclaimer that the information we have provided in this website has solely been intended to make you aware of the products.
This is the most common form of hyperthyroidism which develops when the immune system incorrectly attacks the thyroid gland causing the thyroid gland to produce too much of the hormone thyroxine. At this time, there is no way to halt the immune system from this attack on the thyroid gland, but the symptoms can be managed with the reduction of thyroxine. One very infrequent sign of Graves’ disease is the skin swelling and reddening, often on the shins as well as the top of the feet – known as Graves’ dermopathy.
It is advised to seek emergency medical care if they experience heart-related symptoms or signs, such as an irregular or rapid heartbeat. But with Graves’ disease, the immune system erroneously attacks the thyroid gland with an antibody referred to as thyrotropin receptor antibody or TRAb which motivates the thyroid gland to produce extreme amounts of thyroid hormone.
The hormones produced by the thyroid gland manage the activities of the body – from metabolism to digestion and everything in between. Even though the cause of Graves’ disease is not known, medical researchers theorize that a combination of factors can determine the likelihood of any individual developing this condition. Graves’ disease can place an individual at risk for what is referred to as thyrotoxic crisis – which is an abrupt increase in the symptoms and signs leading to rapid pulse, fever and in some cases delirium. The physician will check the eyes to look for protrusion or irritability as well as check to see if the thyroid gland is enlarged.
The physician will also order blood tests to define the level of “thyroid stimulating hormone” or TSH as well as thyroxine. There is not any treatment to stop the body’s immune system from creating the antibodies that cause Graves’ disease. These types of medications include propranolol or Inderal, metoprolol or Lopressor, atenolol or Tenormin as well as nadolol or Corgard.
These medications which include propylthiouracil and methimazole stop the thyroid from creating excessive amounts of hormones.
For those that don’t endure anti-thyroid drug, surgical removal of the thyroid gland – thyroidectomy – is another option. If the individual’s eyes are affected, mild symptoms are usually managed with artificial tears during the day and lubricating gels at night. Therapy with prescribed corticosteroids, for example prednisone, can reduce any swelling behind the eyeballs.

With this surgery, the physician will cut the muscle at the point where it is attached to the eyeball and then reattach it futher back in the orbit. These correct any double vision from the Graves’ disease or that occurs as a side effect of any surgery. This is used to extinguish tissue behind the eyes especially if the eye problems worsen and any medication alone is not well tolerated or effective.
What is life expectancy with graves disease and how much worse is it with someone who drinks beer every day in excess? After 20 years of not knowing what is happening to my body, i was diognised with Graves Disease.
The health information provided on this web site is for educational purposes only and is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is a condition that happens because of an excess secretion of thyroxin produced by your thyroid gland. People who are suffering from Graves Disease will usually show similar symptoms that people with hyperthyroidism are showing. In addition to the general symptoms there are some that are very distinctive to Graves Disease. When a person has an autoimmune disease such as Graves Disease the immune system will produce antibodies that will work against the tissues of the body itself instead of producing antibodies to destroy any foreign bodies. They have found no particular gene that triggers this malfunction but some scientist believe that there are certain people who just inherit an immune system that produces these antibodies that attack your healthy cells. Autoimmune diseasesa€”if a person already has an autoimmune disease such as Type 1 diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis can also get Graves Disease. The most effective treatment used today for Graves Disease was discovered many decades ago. Having Graves Disease can be a major health concern for some pregnant women and can be a high risk complication during pregnancy. Curing your hypothyroidism by taking a medication that is safe to take during pregnancy called propylthiouracil (PTU) prescribed by your doctor.
Surgery – this treatment is reserved for women who need a high dose of medication to help control their elevated levels of thyroid hormones or is allergic to the medication.
Use an over-the-counter ointment or cream that contains hydrocortisone to help with the redness and swelling of your skin. An auto immune thyroid disorder by nature, the Graves Disease is said to give rise to symptoms that range from increasing heart beat rate, loss of weight, palpitations, increased appetite, bulging eyes and many other symptoms.
Usually radioactive iodine therapy is used and anti thyroid drugs are consumed to treat Graves Disease, but there are some natural remedies also that are said to cure Graves Disease. Lycopus Americanus, popularly known as bugleweed among the masses is an effective natural treatment for Graves Disease.
If you are suffering from bulging eyes as a result of Graves Disease, then you can opt for some exercises. Another way to cure bulging eyes caused by Graves Disease is to use green tea bags over the eyes. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method.
The body’s defense mechanism attacks its own gland known as Thyroid gland which is a gland present in front of the neck.

We hereby announce that no information provided in this website can be substituted with medical advice or physician consultation. It is considered an autoimmune disease and one of the most common autoimmune diseases today. With Graves Disease the antibodies that are produced will bind themselves to the surface of your thyroid cells.
There are many different treatments that can be used to treat this condition but if you are pregnant, treatment differs. If you are diagnosed with Graves Disease if would not be advisable to use general treatments because it can cause an adverse effect on the normal procedure of delivering the baby and on the developing fetus. There is an increase of thyroid hormones in the body as a result of which these symptoms occur in Graves Disease.
You can consume the extract of bugleweed by having around twenty to twenty five drops of the extract for at least three times a day. You can start with putting a few drops of eye drops as suggested by your physician and after that you can lie down to rest with your eyes closed. You can consume glucomannan along with your other standard medicines and then within a short span of time you will find your thyroid hormones attaining the normal level. Don't solely rely on these herbal products for the "cure" of an ailment you are suffering from. This condition leads to hyperthyroidism, which is when your thyroid glad is overactive and stimulates your metabolism which in turn can cause a person to tremble, have an increased heart beat, have a high level of perspiration, etc. Normally only a small percentage of people with Graves Disease will suffer from these types of eye problems.
This might take a few years to cure you of Graves Disease completely but you can definitely see the difference within a few weeks. After that, with closed eyes you can start moving your eyes from extreme right to extreme left direction and then move your pupils round and round in all directions. The content written on this website is a sole asset of the company and no one is permissible to use it in any way without the admin permission. This exercise is surely going to treat you of those bulging eyes if done on a regular basis for a few weeks. Company is not at all responsible if the data and content written on this website is copied or misused by other entities. Graves Disease can affect anyone but you will find it mostly in elderly people, children, and infants. It is still not known exactly what causes your immune system to malfunction and cause this condition but there are some factors that are considered to possibly cause the malfunction in your immune system. This is company's official website and we are not responsible for any herbal companies who might use our data and pretend to be us in any way. Let the bags remain over your eyes for thirty minutes and do this every day for at least a week.
In addition it is more prominent in women than men with the rate being as much as seven times higher for woman. All in all it is very essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle if you want to come out of this disease.

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