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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you are having difficulty in getting pregnant, these tips on how to get pregnant easy will help.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Simple Tips for Getting Pregnant FastIn case you have decided to start your family or extend it,heartiest congratulations! Other times of the month feel free to baby dance for practice whenever you wish, but as you come up to the period before ovulation, sex every 3 days or so to keep the sperm fresh not stale, is a good idea when trying to conceive.
Some men have a quicker rate of turnover, but especially for a man with a proven low sperm count it is best to wait 24-36, even 48 hours (for some) between love making sessions. It is proven that woman who lie down for 15 minutes after IUI (Intrauterine insemination) have a higher success rate of conception. This is funny because honestly, I got pregnant with my 2nd child while doing the woman on top position and hopping right off to go pee. This gives you the deep penetration to get those sperm as close to the cervix as possible, thus shortening their journey.
Some women may feel let down reading this as many women have trouble achieving orgasm through intercourse alone.
Instead, try using your hands, kissing, visual aids like sexy lingerie or hot, little panties (my hub’s fav), neck kissing, and grinding to get your partner good and riled. If you were to go to a doctor to help you on your TTC (Trying to conceive journey) he would recommend you take one, so I am telling you now.
Folic acid helps decrease the risk of certain birth defects, and these vitamins may actually help your body prepare for, and achieve pregnancy quicker starting from the inside.
The sperm travels in an upward motion towards the cervix and beyond in this special fluid that women usually notice an increase of around the time of ovulation and right before it, (her most fertile time.) It should be nice and stretchy at its best. This really isn’t very difficult to do and can really help you get to know your cycles. You need to catch the ovulation surge and have sex right then and there to help maximize your chances for conception. The greens ones are ovulation tests (or OPKS) & the blue are pregnancy tests (or HPTS). The test line must be absolutely equal to or greater in darkness than the control line, where as with an HPT any line is a positive. Even after 30 if you are looking to have more than one child most especially, seek help prior to 6 months if this is a concern of yours.

You need to have sex in order to get pregnant, but you should let the male sperm supply replenish itself and not overdo do deed.
For normal men 24 hours should fly, but having sex 3 times in one day is not the best thing while TTC. I recommend keeping the penis in for several seconds after the ejaculation is complete, though usually the first squirt of seminal fluid contains the most sperm it certainly won’t hurt. While you do not need to stand on your head, helping gravity out can only help your chances at conception. To me this proves that at home doing the same can yield better results for you after regular intercourse as well. No matter what you do some of your partner’s semen will leak out of your vagina when you stand up. Your saliva may possibly kill off some of the precious sperm in the ejaculate when it’s released.
Obese women, and women who are very underweight are more likely to have longer waits for pregnancy achievement, or may even face fertility problems requiring treatment. If buying Robitussin make sure it contains the ingredient  Guaifenesin or it is NOT going to help. Some other lubricants claim to be sperm-friendly but none are as gentle on sperm and helpful at mimicking cervical mucus as this is.
It may seem like a lot, but if you have been trying awhile without any success, these things will help you nail down your fertile time giving you the best chance at conception. They may do an ultrasound to make sure all looks on the up and up, and the doctor’s personal advice will follow based on your particular case and their findings. Avoid positions where the woman is ontop since the natural gravity will allow sperm to leak outwith these positions. The times with my boys that I got pregnant naturally were only 1 time in the fertile period. Hormones help regulate everything that has to do with the entire process of ovulation and whether or not it even takes place.
While many women have gotten pregnant after giving oral sex it is not recommended while trying to conceive.
Though your doctor may recommend a weight loss or gain plan depending on your particular situation, if the need should be.
There arecertain aspects of getting pregnant which can be controlledand others which cannot be. It would also be useful to place apillow under your hips to help tilt your pelvis and keep thesperm in longer.

I hope that the article below using my vast personal knowledge along with the facts, will help shorten the distance between you and your dreams, as a former TTC veteran myself.
And these hormones need to be perfectly balanced in order to create and sustain a growing pregnancy. So while it’s easy to be stressed wondering if this will be your month or year if you are trying for a long time. Improving your eating habits is another great way to get your pre-baby body in top notch shape for a successful conception. Recognize your usual cycle length, usual cycle day of ovulation, it even will tell you if you covered your bases with sex during your most fertile times that month, and your overall chances of conceiving in any one particular cycle. For some it will take a month (lucky devils.) For some it will take up to 6 months, and for some beyond. It worked so well at making a greater amount of eggs and more mature eggs for me and for many. Don’t get up right after sex- keep lyingdown for a few hours so as to let the sperm stay in thevagina as long as possible.
The sperm are still alive and swimming upstream at that point.) I tried to do it as quickly as possible.
It helps to have all of the important vitamins in your body prior to conception, most importantly folic acid. The sperm will be ready and waiting for that eggie. Usually 12-36 hours, 48 in some cases after your positive result is when you will ovulate…SO BD (baby dance) away! If you have been trying to conceive for 6 months or more and are over the age of 35 you should seek medical help to hurry things along.
If you haven’t even hit the 30 mark yet it is recommended you seek help after trying actively for one year. The sperm that are released and are alive and able to swim to try and reach your egg to conquer it, are already off and running.
I was on a message board with thousands of woman and saw many of them trying for a long time then used this product and we had so many success stories. Hencehaving sex two to three days before ovulation will increaseyour chances of getting pregnant.Sex positionThis is one aspect which is ignored by most women.

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