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While 26 weeks pregnant your uterus is about the size of a basketball.  On average you’ll have gained around 15 to 22 lbs by this point, but don’t start worrying if your weight gain is under or over this now. Although some pregnancy symptoms are abating and disappearing it seems there’s always something new just around the corner!
Oh, will all these miserable pregnancy symptoms never end?  Along with everything else, many pregnant women (about 50%) while 26 weeks pregnant find they have a problem with hemorrhoids.  Hopefully hemorrhoids won’t be a part of your pregnancy but if you do find them part of your pregnancy symptoms there are a few things you can do to either prevent more of them or avoid them altogether. By now in your pregnancy, if you haven’t already told family and friends the gender of your baby they have most likely been guessing if it’s a boy or a girl by the way you’re “carrying”.
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By 24 weeks your twins are proportioned like newborns, but thinner, as their baby fat hasn't yet developed.
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This pregnancy has been so very different to the others - knocked me sideways for the first 12 weeks but I'm all good now. Already kitted out the nursery - made a room shuffle and my boys are now sharing and the babies will be in the box room. We want to make your experience easy and help you quickly find information that matters to you.

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They're getting heavier every day, but their skin still appears wrinkled, because they need to gain more weight. I found out at 19 weeks I was having twin girls, that share the placenta making them identical.
Luckily we had 4 bedrooms so we're ok for now - although we may struggle when the girls get bigger. Pregnancy symptoms will continue to be part of your everyday life,  although by now you should be feeling less ligament pain from the stretching of your uterus. If you have hemorrhoids you can take regular baths for comfort and to relieve any pain or itchiness.  At this stage in your pregnancy you won’t be able to take medicated ointments.
If you can’t hear his or her heartbeat at this point of your pregnancy, keep trying!  Every day, as you deal with those pregnancy symptoms you dislike so much your baby is getting stronger and stronger.  Encourage your partner to sit with their hand on your belly.  This way you can both feel baby moving around, letting you know that he or she is there! When your baby arrives, these very same voices will be a great comfort to him or her.  Bonding with your baby at this time is also a great way for you to get closer to your partner, especially if they’ve been taking the brunt of you complaining about all those pregnancy symptoms!
Your twins' lips are distinct and their eyes are formed, though the coloured part of their eyes (iris) still lacks pigment. To learn more about our cookies, including how to opt out, please review our privacy policy. Their pancreas, liver, thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands, essential for producing hormones, continue to grow and mature. Tiny eyebrows and eyelids are now visible.Your twins' internal ears are now formed and they'll start hearing the sound of your heart and other internal sounds.

I only worked until I was 21 weeks, because by my 5th hour my feet hurt, my back hurt, and my stomach hurt, so much that when I got home all I could do is lie down in pain. I found out I have gestational diabetes and anemia, so I'm on a strict diet and taking double iron along with my folic acid and prenatal vitamins. It kind of sucks since this is my first pregnancy and I can't eat anything I crave, but I will do it so my girls come out healthy.
However these sounds are distorted as they pass through your fat and muscle, the wall of your uterus, and amniotic fluid. If you sing or talk to your twins, sound waves are transmitted along your spine to make them progressively familiar to your voice.
Before you know it, your twins will be born, and soon after, their first teeth will come through.Your twins' lungs continue to develop and mature to prepare for breathing. This is essential practice for when they are born.You may be noticing stretch marks on your belly, hips and breasts.
Wearing a supportive bra may help to prevent stretch marks from developing on your breasts.

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