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One thing that did jump out at me from the last talk that Tara gave, however, was how so many children learn about sex and sexuality from books and magazines that their parents leave around or hide insufficiently to truly keep them from curious little eyes. Now, dear readers, how are you talking about sex and sexuality with your children, what are your experiences, and have you found any books that are actually useful, interesting and something you’re comfortable knowing your teens are eagerly pouring over? Hey Dave, not a dad so can’t really comment on the how to tell them but its not that long ago I was a teenager. Actually I think I was about 5 also when i asked what a cigarette was like so she gave me one and didn’t tell me how to smoke it so i ended up choking on it. And, for that matter, do she and I as co-parents actually view relationships, commitment, and trust the same?
I like books, and research just about everything before I jump into it, whether it’s as banal as getting started with iPhoto or as complex as teens and sexuality.

And sometimes we talk about sexuality, but I gotta say, I’m not comfortable with the topic. I remember as a young boy being astonished at a family friend who left his issues of Playboy on the coffee table (and his wife didn’t mind!). Turns out that the¬†AASECT (American Association of Sex Counselors, Educators and Therapists) has a book list designed for us parents to leave laying around for our children to read on their own time and without us parents staring at ’em. But I am definitely not looking forward to the moment when I have to have these conversations with my daughters.
We have to address some major issues this week after finding a .mpg of a video chat my daughter and her boyfriend had involving exposing themselves and other sexual expressions.
If he will gonna ask me things like this, I will definitely let his Dad handle the situation.

I also got a review copy of The Sex-Wise Parent and it was awful, all doom and gloom about pedophiles and shockingly devoid of actual practical advice and tips on how to talk with your children about sexuality and relationships.
And she decided that if I was old enough to ask the question I was old enough to be told the truth about it. Somehow, we want to communicate our love and support while encouraging an open dialogue and the consequences of sex.

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