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FAQ is where you can find all the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about photobooks, calendars, gift vouchers, creating a photobook or calendar, copyright, your camera settings, project files, Mac software, uploading your finished photobook or calendar, the environment & pix2print, production and shipping. A pix2print photobook is just like a photobook you see in the shops, but now you can create a very personal one with your own photos, text and images. The pix2print software allows you to add pages to your photobook at any time up to the maximum number of pages for each book. End pages (the blank pages at the beginning and end of a book) are not necessary for the strength of photobooks with steel spines, so when you open your photobook you will immediately see the first page you created. Spines made of cardboard have a higher chance to become damaged then steel spines, that's why at pix2print we find it important to create each hard cover photobook with a steel spine for better protection. A pix2print calendar is just like a calendar you see in the shops, but now you can create one with your own photos.
Gift vouchers are available in lots of values to suit all budgets and occasions: $5, $10, $15, $20, $30, $40, $50, $100 and $200.
You can earn an unlimited amount of vouchers, buy vouchers as presents or buy any number of vouchers and sell them to friends or colleagues at work. The gift voucher is a pdf file with a unique code which will be emailed to you as soon as you order one online. You can use any photo with a resolution high enough for the size photo you are trying to add to your photobook or calendar. Yes you can, but it is best to save all photos and images used onto the hard drive from the computer you are using.
Can I use photos from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, or any other online photo sharing service? Yes, you can use photos from any online photo sharing website provided you own the copyright for the photo or have permission to use the image from the person holding the copyrights.
Be aware that some images stored online are small and might not be suitable to use in large photobooks as page filling photos. Make sure you use the highest quality (resolution) setting for taking photos on your digital camera. Even if you don't have a scanner at home you could take a photo of any image you want to add into your photobook. There is no minimum number of photos needed to create a photobook or calendar although most people will use 13 images for a calendar (one for the front and one for each month) and at least 30 photos for a photobook (one photo on each page). However, if you want to create a photobook with a photo on one page and text on the other page you needA  less photos.
You can save your project (photobook or calendar) at any time and continue at a later date. You can only use photos, images, text or anything else that you own the copyright for or have permission to use.
Project files are the files the pix2print software stores on your computer when you are making a photobook or calendar. If you need to locate the project files on your computer, you can use the search function in Windows Explorer and search for prj. Pix2print respects your privacy and we will never sell or exchange your details with third-party companies.
You can add your email to follow our blog, or if you have a wordpress blog yourself you can simply click 'follow' on our blog site.

Once you have finished creating your photobook or calendar you select 'Order' from the 'File' menu or click on the shopping cart located on the right-hand side of the screen above the photobook or calendar. During the order process the uploading of the files we need to print your photobook or calendar didn't complete so you will need to (re)send the files. The software has an in-built feature that allows you to check your project for things like empty picture boxes and a preview is available of your project to check what it would look like when printed. The personalised hard covers are created using the Casemaker 750A which uses a completely dry concept, eliminating the usage of liquid chemicals or glues.
The cost of shipping is determined by a number of factors including the size of your photobook, the location it is going to, how many you order and if you select standard or express delivery.
Click on the 'Track Order' link that appears after you click on Products at the top of our website. If your photobook is damaged when you receive it, please photograph the damage and send the photographs through to us.
You can change your delivery address online, by logging in and clicking the 'account Details' tab.
Prof Penguin Answers Frequently Asked Questions about PenguinsCheck out the answers below to popular misconceptions about penguins.
Answers To Frequently Asked Questions For Individuals Of - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Individuals of the Same Sex Who Are Married Under State Law. Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Marijuana - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Marijuana .
Kansas Department Of Revenue - Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently Asked Questions About Individual Income. Frequently Asked Questions - The Affordable Care Act - FAQs about Affordable Care Act Implementation (Part XVIII) and Mental Health Parity Implementation. Minnesota Health Insurance Network Answers To Frequently - Minnesota Health Insurance FAQ frequently asked questions and answers. The pix2print software is easy to use and gives you lots of options to design the photobook the way you want. Our paper is an environmentally responsible paper produced from FSC certified pulp from Well Managed Forests, is Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) and is made Carbon Neutral. Photobooks start at 30 pages (15 sheets of paper) and can have 48 (20x20cm), 90 (A4 portrait) or 120 pages (30x30cm, 33x26cm and A4 landscape). The pix2print software is easy to use and gives you lots of options to design the calendar the way you want. To earn your free vouchers, make sure you use the same email address when ordering a gift voucher so we know when you bought your 10th voucher. You can add their name to the voucher when ordering (or leave it blank so you have a gift handy for anybody when you need it as you can write the name on the printout afterwards).
Photos with a better resolution will allow you to create page filling photos even in the large photobooks, but even photos with a smaller resolution can often still be used in the photobooks or calendars - you just have to adjust the size of the photo frame until any warnings about photo resolution are solved.
The pix2print software will warn you when the photo quality is not good enough for the size photo you are trying to place in the photobook. Pix2print allows you complete freedom in the way you want to design your photobook or calendar.
So the first page spread (2 pages on opposite sides of the spine) you fill with photos can be found on page 2 and 3.

They contain all the necessary information to print your project once you are finished and submit your order.
This means you can always contact us to order a photobook or calendar you made, even after you have lost or deleted the project files. Our newsletters, facebook and twitter accounts will be used to promote new products, offer specials, provide you with tips & ideas and let you know about upcoming competitions. This takes you through the order process step-by-step and will also prompt you to upload the project files. However, it is your responsibility to use these options and ensure you haven't made any spelling mistakes or left picture boxes empty, prior to ordering your photobook or calendar. We try to run a 100% paperless office and use the recycle, re-use and reduce principle where possible. This automatically checks your project for issues like empty picture boxes and gives you the option to solve them. Please quote your order number so we can easily locate your order and send your invoice via email. If you make sure your files and payment are received before 5AM (Melbourne time) on a business day we will make sure your photobook or calendar is printed and shipped that day. Here you will find information on what to do when changes occur in your life that may affect your GIC coverage.. Answers to some of the commonly asked questions in the discussion about marijuana in the United States.. If you are looking for ideas and tips for the design of your photobooks and calendars, have a look at the tips & ideas section - don't forget to submit your tips & ideas to be in the running for a gift voucher! You can even add birthdays of loved ones and special events to your calendar to make it even more personal.
We will calculate the total value of vouchers you sold and will give you a free voucher for 10% of that total value. You can adjust the size of a frame to fix this problem or select a photo with a better quality.
If you prefer not to receive an email from pix2print that often we suggest you sign up for our newsletter. Pix2print also offer a VIP delivery option where you could have your photobook at home the next day (restrictions apply, see shipping for more details).
Once your photobook has been despatched, you should receive an email from us with a tracking number, which you can also track online. We will mention which new topics we covered in the previous month so you can always check that way if there is anything interesting for you there. Delivery of VIP products depends on postcode, certain areas will have their photobook or calendar delivered the next day.

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