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First Month Of Pregnancy The First Week The first week starts from the first day of the last menstrual period. The Second Week of Pregnancy The second week of pregnancy starts from the 7th to the 14th day of the last menstrual period. By now, the egg would have been released by the ovary and will wait up for the sperm but for not more than 24-48 hours.
The Third Week of Pregnancy This is the critical stage of baby making when the small cluster of cells are rapidly dividing to form a tiny human embryo. The Fourth Week of Pregnancy By the beginning of the fourth week, the embryo has more or less implanted itself into the uterine lining. Fatigue     Almost immediately after implantation, you will begin to experience weakness, fatigue and lethargy. Breast Tenderness It is commonly believed that the initial symptoms of pregnancy are so similar to PMS that a woman can be caught unawares by a pregnancy. The kidneys too become more efficient in eliminating wastes from the body and this can sometimes explain the frequency of urination. The Beginnings of Nausea By the end of the first month of pregnancy, women start to feel nauseous and queasy which is often considered to be a good and positive sign of pregnancy. Now that you know about the first month of pregnancy, you will know what to expect during this critical period of pregnancy. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too!
Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. It’s been few weeks since you have had sex with your partner and curious to know; Am I really pregnant?
Common Early Stages Of Pregnancy Shortness Of Breath Do you easily end up in taking heavy and short breaths while going up the stairs or doing any activity? After 6-14 days after conception, implantation bleeding will be the first thing you should expect to see. Dear ladies, if you are having sudden lower back pain after few weeks of sexual intercourse then, you should know that, this situation also occurs when you are pregnant and it is absolutely normal to experience back pain in pregnancy. Apart from this, women may also suffer from headache which can be caused due to sudden rise of hormones in your body. Extreme Food Cravings You are suddenly not able to eat something which you were used to like before; many women experience this situation when they are pregnant. Above mentioned stages are very common during pregnancy; if you think, this is what exactly is happening with you then, many congratulations to you that you are blessed with a baby in your belly. You must definitely take care of yourself and your skin during pregnancy; it must certainly not be ignored. If you are pregnant, and you catch certain infections, they can be harmful for you and your baby.

Most women who have kids agree that experiencing occasional cramping during pregnancy is quite common.
Within two weeks of conception, the breasts begin to change their composition to prepare for the child. An elevation in you basal body temperature beyond the expected menstrual period is an early sign of pregnancy. If you feel as if you are tired, even if you seem to be getting enough sleep, this could be an early indication of pregnancy. Backache with soreness, stiffness, and pain generally starts early and gets worse until you give birth. The slight bleeding you may experience when the embryo first implants itself into the uterus. An elevation in your basal body temperature beyond the expected menstrual period is an early sign of pregnancy. You can experience feelings of heightened emotions or crying spells due to changes in your hormone levels.
Between the first tow and eight weeks of pregnancy, you may notice a feeling of or you may feel as if you are just getting sick. It is during the first month when conception actually takes place and the doctor makes an accurate diagnosis of your pregnant status. If you are planning on a baby, it is pertinent to keep this date in mind, as this will enable you to predict ovulation and time intercourse to help you conceive.
By the 7th day, your uterine lining will start to become thicker and richer in order to receive the fertilized egg.
The life cycle of sperm is much longer as sperm can survive in the woman’s body for at least 5 days. The egg is fertilized in the fallopian tubes and starts moving downwards to implant itself into the uterine lining. An astute woman will remain receptive to these signs and will instantly know that she has conceived.
This is because blood and nutrients are being quickly utilized to nurture and support the new life in your body.
The urge to urinate can sometimes be very difficult to overcome making the symptom an uncomfortable one. Many doctors welcome nausea as an indication that the body is producing sufficient hormones to support the new pregnancy. The hormones relax all the muscles of the digestive system and this can make digestion slow and laborious. Well, most of the married women get this question and it is obvious to have such feelings because, every woman wants to carry a little baby after marriage.

It’s like, you were reading a book last night but didn’t even able to complete first page of it before falling asleep. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. This is also the time when women experience some or all of the uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms.
The first week is included in the nine-month calendar even though conception has still not occurred. From the 12th to the 16th day, an average woman is said to be very fertile and has a high possibility of conceiving.
However, it is still too early to confirm a pregnancy because most pregnancy tests are not that sensitive to such minor amounts of HCG.
One part will become your baby and the other part will form the placenta, which is the life support system of the baby. By the end of the fourth week, you can use a home pregnancy test kit to confirm your pregnancy. Tenderness of breasts, visible green or blue veins on your chest, dark areolas and heavy breasts are initial symptoms of pregnancy. Don’t worry; this is one of the most leading symptoms you should expect to happen when you are pregnant. Ladies keep this in mind, you still have the possibility to get pregnant, even if you don’t notice it.
Couples who are planning should have sexual intercourse every alternate day starting from the 7th to the 16th day of the cycle. By the end of the third week, the embryo will have started to burrow itself into the lining of the uterus. Doctors recommend that women take it easy, rest up and eat well to curb symptoms of fatigue. It is a fact that, this condition may follow you till the last day of your pregnancy, especially, when your baby starts putting pressure on your lungs and diaphragm.
You should wear comfortable bra that will ease the tenderness of your breasts to some extent. Some women may get their period even in pregnancy but this one will be lighter or shorter than normal periods.
Then, there might be possibilities that, the GOD has listened to your prayers and blessed you with the gift of motherhood.

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