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This mistake is especially applicable to new jobseekers who are more susceptible to getting nervous than those who have been around the job finding block a good number of times. It is a must for candidates to be prepared for an interview, which should include sufficient knowledge of the company and position they are applying for. We often focus on the food we should stop eating, but what about the drinks which make about 30 percent of the daily calorie intake? Soda and diet soft drinks reach the pH level of battery acid responsible for corrosiveness and erosion of tooth enamel. Diet soda causes dehydration, weight gain, mineral depletion, diabetes, and of course, caffeine addiction, but researchers have also found that this drink also increases the risk of conditions that affect the cardiovascular system, including stroke, heart attack, and vascular death. Soft drinks contain artificial sweeteners and they are usually marketed as a healthier alternative to drinks sweetened with sugar, mostly because of the lower number of calories. Men who drink a single 300ml can of soda daily are more likely to undergo a treatment for a serious form of cancer, when compared to men who never consume such drinks. A study that involved 66,000 women found that respondents who drank artificially sweetened soda were 60 percent more likely to develop diabetes than women who enjoyed the regular version of the same drink. The journal Respirology published another study that found how regular consumption of soft drinks is connected with lung and breathing problems and disorders like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). If you are still one of those who do not give up on tap water and still drink it, you may not know much about the dangers it provides. The Safe Drinking Water act has regulated only 91 contaminants, and according to the Environmental Protection Agency, there are more than 60,000 chemicals used within the US.
According to the analysis of the government records by The New York Times, in recent decades many government and independent studies have scrutinized thousands of these chemicals, and they have identified hundreds of them at small concentrations in drinking water, and have associated the chemicals with an increased risk of cancer and other deadly diseases. Many studies have shown that fluoride is able to pull the lead from pipes and add it to the poisonous combination that comes from the taps.
Studies involving animals have found that fluoride has toxic effect on brain tissue, leading to brain cell damage, reduced lipid content, increased aluminium uptake, impairment in anti-oxidant defensive systems, and beta-amyloid plaque. It usually depends on the country, but cardiovascular diseases are either number one or two cause of death cases. As if the fluoride levels were not enough, there is a new proposing that industry should add lithium to tap water.
Lead pipes were routinely used in municipal systems for water distribution, and they are a great source of dangerous lead contamination.
Sport drinks are getting more popular as consumers do not even suspect of the dangers they cause. General Dentistry is the peer-reviewed clinical journal of the Academy of General Dentistry. The US Food and Drug Administration treats energy drinks as dietary supplements, and some experts required for warning labels on all those energy drinks sold in markets. Sports drinks are packed with petrochemical artificial colors which have the role to give a visually appealing beverage. Bananas have proven to have the same or even more health benefits during heavy workout than high-tech sport beverages. This will sure disappoint coffee lovers, but there sure are more responsible ways to enjoy coffee.

Experts recently promoted the benefits of coffee, including its power to fight free radicals, improve memory, diabetes, Parkinson’s, and even reduce the risk of cancer.
We all love coffee, but not many people stick to bold organic varieties from trusted sources. Many chemicals are harmful to the environment and the US and Europe have banned or regulated these, but they are still legal in less-developed countries, including the countries that grow coffee. Endosulfan, chlorpyrifos, diazinon, disulfoton, methyl parathion, triadimefon and cypermethrin are just some of the chemicals used to grow coffee throughout the world.
Look for organic coffee, as it is one of the best choices you can resort to if you are looking for a high quality coffee blends. Countless coffee lovers throughout the world prefer renowned coffee beans and brands for organic java. Bird Friendly coffee is shade grown and organic, meaning it is free of all those chemical, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers that harm the environment. The Rainforest Alliance offers a broad social and ecological mandate, covering many sectors, including agriculture. Their coffee certification program ensures that the workers are well paid, respected, and that the coffee crop does not contribute to soil erosion, water contamination and destruction of forest. The thing is, even the old timers who have are in-between jobs still commit boo-boos in the various steps of the job application process.
They have a tendency to claim to know and have the skills to do anything, even if they cannot.
With nerves, you will have a tendency to talk without a filter, so you will most likely blurt out things about your past bosses and companies that will place them in a bad light. A blank stare is not a good idea when the interviewer asks you if you know anything about the company. The Group currently services over 230,000 corporate customers and over 13 million job seekers in its database.
We usually take for granted sweetened drinks, but what most of us know is that high-calorie content is not the real problem, it is something much worse. These drinks account for more than a quarter of all drinks sold in the US, which makes about a 12-ounce can daily for every man, woman and child. But, the last research has shown that consumption of such drinks leads to a serious long-term health consequences, because of the high amount of toxic additives and artificial sweeteners like sodium benzoate, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, and high-fructose corns syrup. The Nuclear Medicine Communications Journal published the latest study which confirmed that increased fluoride uptake in arteries is linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.
In the US, the highest levels of PFOA in human blood, other than factory exposures, are found in people who drink PFOA contaminated water.
In major cities in Canada and the US, construction crews replace lead pipes, but only partially, and they use brass in conjunction and copper lines. A group of researchers at the University of Iowa’s College of Dentistry found that energy and sports drinks like Gatorade and Red Bull can erode the tooth enamel more than soda and fruit juices.
Clark Stanford, the associate dean for research at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry. Artificial colors have no nutritional value, and this supports the assertion by experts that sports drinks are waste of money, not to mention their harmful effect on health. If you prefer a big brand name specialty coffee, like that of Starbucks and McDonalds, you are not only drinking coffee made from toxic coffee beans, but you also consume lots of calories.

Coffee is treated with chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides, and we bet that you do not want to ingest such substances.
It becomes the most favorite choice among coffee aficionados, mostly because of its awesome taste and aroma.
Bird Friendly coffee is planted under a canopy of trees that provide great habitat for birds, instead of being grown on land that has been freed of other vegetation.
The Rainforest Alliance seal presents the respect for both social and environmental values. The inevitable consequence of that is if hired, the newbie is expected to do everything he claims he can do, and if he fouls up, he gets fired. Highlight the things you are great at, and be straightforward of the things you don’t particularly know.
The hiring manager would definitely have a negative impression if you look like you’re hyperactive or disinterested.
Take note of these common mistakes so you can easily avoid them and get that job, thanks to a great interview. The government came up with a solution and the industry decided to put it in the drinking water.
This probably explains why dogs often drink from puddles than their own dishes filled with tap water. Researchers say that joining old lead pipes and new copper lines using brass fittings leads to galvanic corrosion that significantly inceases the level of lead that is released into tap water.
The journal Nutrition Research published a 2008 study in which dentists soaked human teeth in different liquids for 25 hours. It was found that high acidity levels erode tooth enamel, which is the glossy layer of teeth. The chemicals leech into ground water and increase the number of diseases in the areas where the coffee is cultivated.
More than 70 percent of the coffee importers do not follow the required protocols and exceed the time range for sales and stock. Coffee lovers who take care of their health believe that this kind of coffee is the most remarkable. But then, the errors that newbies are most likely to do are different than those done by the experienced ones. In a typical 2-year-old toddler’s diet, carbonated soda pop contains more added sugar than cookies, candies and ice cream together. The biggest promoters of these health benefits come from the largest coffee producers, like those in Brazil.
Besides, managers would prefer those who are especially brilliant in a specific area rather than be a know- and do-it-all. Why would you consume artificially liquid creamed coffee, loaded with refined sugar and artificial sweeteners? Do remember the old adage: Being a Jack (or Jill) of all trades means that you are the master of none.

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