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MSG (monosodium glutamate) found in canned soup, instant noodles, salty snacks, and many other processed foods: also can be called modified yeast, maltodextrin, sodium caseinate, autolyzed yeast, autolyzed yeast extract, yeast extract, autolyzed vegetable protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, hydrolyzed pea protein, natural flavoring, disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate, caseinate, textured protein. Potassium Benzoate & Sodium Benzoate found in drinks, salad dressings, syrupbs, jams, olives and pickles. Artificial Colouring found in beverages, candy, baked goods, fruit cocktail, gelatin, desserts, etc.
Preservatives like BHA, BHT, Potassium Sorbate, and Propyl Gallate are all linked to cancer.
For another resource, Environmental Working Group (EWG) has just launched their new Food Scores program where you can search for products and find their scores based on nutrition, ingredients, and processing. The other overwhelming part is that the research on these things is often inconclusive, and there are always many different points of view on anything nutrition related.
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MaternityMansi KohliFanciful and whimsical, Mansi Kohli is a 6 year experienced brand story-teller and lifestyle and luxury writer with a twang. It is very important that the mother to be takes special care of herself in the first trimester of her pregnancy. An expecting mother should start exercising everyday. There are many benefits of exercising. Hence a mother to be shall exercise regularly and if it is required she shall keep a personal trainer. If you have friends and relatives of your age who are parents talk to them about being a parent. If you are having heartburn or similar problems during your pregnancy, one must cut down on her intake of fried and spicy food. I became extremely overwhelmed at all the of the ingredients to avoid and their different possible pseudonyms.
It can cause insulin resistance, diabetes, hypertension, increased weight gain, and is most likely made from GMO corn. Healthy oils do NOT need to be hydrogenated – which basically strips oils of all their nutritional benefit and turns them into poison.
These preservatives can easily convert into carcinogens and damage the mitochondria of DNA. Specifically, Blue 1 & 2, Green 3, Red 3, and Yellow 6 have all been linked to thyroid adrenal, bladder, kidney, and brain cancers, as well as chromosomal damage. But it is certainly worth taking your time to read labels and avoid these for your family’s health!
You think you’re getting something healthy, but then they pack in all the calories with the toppings and dressings!

No Hair Coloring And Dyeing When You Are ExpectingThe first trimester is when you have to be very cautious, and using chemicals for the hair color is not advisable. She is a devoted fan of anything and everything blingy, quirky, unusual, multi-coloured and crafty. Firstly, in the first trimester there are many chances of having a miscarriage, exercising regularly reduces its chances. These days a lot of classes are held for pregnant women where they do exercises suitable for an expecting lady. If a mother to be can buy the special mattress available for pregnant women it is nice but if she does not wish to buy one she shall raise her pillows a little higher.
It changes metabolism, raises blood pressure, and alters the signaling of hormones in your body.
We have been told by the food industry that margarine is somehow healthier than butter, and it is an outright lie. The dressings are especially bad because they don’t have any really nutrients in them. This is because over time the chemicals can penetrate into the body and can play truant with the sense of smell. Her style of writing is to dispense douche-free view on everything from fashion arbiters hits and misses to inspirations, trend reports and the daily low-down of what's happening in the style circuit.
A woman who is pregnant is advised to take the maximum rest in the first three months of her pregnancy. It is ultimately what the mother eats that is received by the baby. An expecting mother must eat as much of healthy and nutritious food as possible. Once you talk to people who are parents already you will feel better and have more knowledge. So here’s a quick and dirty primer on what to avoid on food labels if you want to continue into the world of greener eating.
If you live in Edmonton, Sunworks Organic Farm is now the only place I get deli meat, bacon, and hot dogs from – and it is so amazingly delicious. I share my journey and experiences on Juicy Green Mom so you can feel empowered, enlightened, and inspired to make educated eco-friendly product and lifestyle choices. If you do want to highlight your hair, do so by all means and your parlor lady will help you with that. When not writing, you can find her devouring fashion glossies, gossiping over wine, scouting vintage shops with her mom, or planning her next travel adventure. Some women also have a pre mature delivery, that is, birth of the baby before its due date. Those are probably the most difficult months of her pregnancy as her body undergoes many changes.

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So don’t forget to store pictures of your pregnancy as it is a very special and important phase of your life. Can I Get a Pedicure?Your feet are swollen and this is a time when you would be tempted to have pedicures done too.
The mother to be shall be extremely aware of what she consumes and what effect it will have on the baby.
It is advisable to check with your doctor if pedicures are allowed while you are expecting. Once your baby is born you will see how it resembles you from the stories you have heard from your parents. There are reflexology points in the ankle that shouldn’t be touched- they lead to abnormal contractions and pre-term labor pangs. Nail polish used shouldn’t have DBP and toluene in them or formalhyede too- if unsure of which nail polish to use, let the nails be dealt with by a nail expert. Wait for the birth of your baby till then plan out a lot of things like the childbirth, nursery etc. What About Hitting The Gym Or Aerobics Class?Only if the studio has trainers that know how to help pregnant women with pregnancy apt exercises – no harsh weight lifting and aerobics- only then should you exercise. Harsh exercises lead to fetal hypoxia, which means the baby doesn’t get enough oxygen to feed on and the brain cells are restricted of oxy cells leading to brain damage.
Home MassagesFor sure your loving hubby would want to give you a back massage and MIL would call in the mid-wife too. Unless you are sure of the reflexology points to touch upon, we would advise the help of trained professionals. We aren’t asking you to laze around, which isn’t good for the mother to be and the baby to come, but work within limits. Listen To Music To Beat StressSoft, soothing music is a must to play at home which helps relax and unwind the body, the mind, the baby within and the soul of two.
What Not To Eat When Pregnant – Comfort Foods Should Be Kept AwayFor sure you would wake up in the middle of the night or crave for pickles and sweets or junk food now and then, but it would be best if you learn how to control those habits.

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