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I like to menu plan once a month but if you are just getting started you might want to plan one week at a time. I like your idea of keeping a dinner ideas board so that you can find new things to make for dinner when you are stuck in a rut.
If you want to get started with once a month menu planning you can see my menu planning process in this post and in this post too. In fact, following this well-rounded 40% carbs, 35% protein, and 25% healthy fat, whole foods diet is what will help get you jaw-dropping results or eh…not-so-great results. Eating right is what will allow you to put more effort into your workouts, because you will have more energy to do so. Eating less than 1200 calories each day is not healthy and is definitely not sustainable! Don’t stress out if you do not hit your calorie numbers exactly. Vitamins, minerals and nutrients are what this eating plan is all about.Under each of the five food categories, there is a list of allowed food with the proper serving size. 1 serving =45 caloriesSecondary Vegetables and Grains: This fiber-filled food group keeps you full and your energy levels high. 1 serving = 95 caloriesFruit: This is another food group rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
1 serving = 70 caloriesLean Protein: This category is not only the building block how you build and sustain muscle, it also provides other important nutrients for overall health.

1 serving = 140 caloriesHealthy Fats: This extremely important food category helps you stay full, provides a slow-digesting source of energy and helps maintain overall good health. Is one egg a serving for protein or would it be 2 eggs going by what you have listed calorie-wise: 1 serving = 170.
With MFP it’s too easy to eat whatever I wanted as long as it fit in my calorie goal. I know I will have my days, holidays, vacations, social functions etc but I feel this option puts it more in my face about keeping a better balance. I am starting Piyo tomorrow (I want my rest day to be on Saturdays) and I hope combined with the meal plan I see results that keep me motivated!
Jenny Bethany Lyn October 22, 2014 Reply HI Jenny, yes I believe you are right with calories. I don’t have the diet guide book with me, but I do remever fat was 50 calories, the others I will have to into and get back to you. I weigh 245lbs and am trying to drop about 2lbs a week.I want to stick with PiYo and give it my all but the calories will have me jumping way up from where I am now and that scares me to death. There is a modifier on screen for all of the moves, you will want to begin by following the modifier, but you will see an increase in edurance quickly and then can start to mix in the regular moves.
And, if you can’t keep up with the modifier, simply pause the video and walk it out until you can continue.

Bethany Hamda January 19, 2015 Reply Hi, Bethany, Thank you so much for the info, I’m really interested in starting Piyo as I have 240 pounds of weight to lose and the doing the calculation i am on plan D however last time when i went to a dietitian and she weighted in one of those fancy machines it informs you of how much calories or metabolic rate you have and need it gave results of 1600. I would suggest beginning by following what PiYo suggests and after a couple weeks so how things are going. Bethany Lorrie February 13, 2015 Reply You have servings and calories listed but I did not see grams or ounces.
There are studies showing the spreading of meals does not really help metabolism speed up, so don’t worry about that. 40% carb, 30% protein, and 30% fat is what you should be aiming for in relation to the amount of calories you are eating. Also can I use my 21 day fix colored containers to measure servings for the PiYo meal plan?

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