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Healthy eating choices: Pregnancy diet must be followed strictly in order to rule out the chances of any negative effects such as an overweight offspring. Give yourself time to relax and enjoy: Spare some quality time for yourself, be it watching a movie, listening to songs or going for a spa therapy.
Let others know before argument heats up: Whenever you think a discussion seems so bothersome that it will get you fuming with anger, simply walk away. If you are finding it difficult to manage your anger, seeking professional help is advisable. Though all possible measures have been taken to ensure accuracy, reliability, timeliness and authenticity of the information; Onlymyhealth assumes no liability for the same.

It is natural for a woman to exhibit unusual emotions such as agitation and anger at unexpected times during this period.
Practicing simple yoga positions for 15 minutes a day or taking a walk for some time helps relieve physical as well as emotional discomforts. If you have or suspect having any medical condition, kindly contact your professional health care provider.
Your anger bouts will have negative effects on your unborn baby (low birth-weight) and will result in miscarriage or complications during delivery.
The undergoing hormonal changes not only contribute to short temper, but are responsible for physical changes such as nausea, swollen feet, fatigue, headaches, tender breasts, insomnia, constipation and heartburn.In order to deal with anger, expectant mothers need to ascertain the following.

Increase the intake of carbohydrates and proteins in your diet, recommended eating options such as nuts, green leafy vegetables and fortified wholegrain breads. This will keep a check on faulty blood circulation and prevent problems such as  swollen feet and back ache.

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