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But it does tend to give a false impression that getting pregnant is easy and free when a woman is in her forties, when the reality is that it's very hard to get pregnant at this age.
And most women over the age of 45 who have a first child are using IVF, a very expensive and sometimes highly emotionally charged way to bring a child into the world. According to a Reuters article about a study in older motherhood, 131 first-time pregnant women ages 45 to 65 from Israel showed that 40 percent developed diabetes due to their pregnancies and 2 out of 10 developed pre-eclampsia, a dangerous pregnancy condition. Most babies were born by C-section -- something that is major surgery for the mother and makes recovery harder.
For women in the study who were 50 and older, one out of every three babies were under five and a half pounds, and half of these babies were born prematurely.
EmpowHER Founder & Chairman Michelle King Robson shares her own personal health story and explains why women need to advocate for their own health and wellness! This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. Jane, 44, UKI wanted to write and let you know that I had two very positive pregnancies and births in my 40's and hope that it will encourage and give confidence to other mothers-to-be of a similar age.
A 45-year-old mother-of-five, who has had two of her children as a result of IVF, and two via surrogacy, was stunned to find herself pregnant by natural means in April, following a 20-year battle with fertility. Mrs Savage, who is now almost 15 weeks pregnant, and husband Sean, 44, have been having unprotected sex for the duration of their 21-year marriage, and have only conceived naturally once, 20 years ago; so Mrs Savage could hardly believe it when she saw the results of her home pregnancy test a few months ago. She 'immediately' raced to her computer to Google 'pregnant at 45,' and was met with a wash of gloomy statistics. So in 2011, Mrs Savage and her husband used a surrogate, nurse Jennifer O'Nash, to birth their twin girls, Isabella and Regan, now three, and settled happily with their 'happy ending' - a brood of five.

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Now Halle Berry at 46 (47 at the time of birth) is also making the news as an older mom-to-be.
One out of three babies were born either premature or underweight, or both, to mothers 45 to 49.
Many of our writers are speaking from personal experience, and what's worked for them may not work for you. There are other women out there who are over 40 and have had babies I thought I was the only one. A month after we return I go in to have the surgery done and was told by the nurse my pregnancy test I had to take before, had come back positive---to my surprise I  was going to have a baby at 42.
I was still excited.And the next thing I heard was Down Syndrome and age factor, repeated over and over. Mrs Savage made worldwide news when she agreed to carry the child to full term anyway, and then reunite him with his biological parents.
Her following IVF pregnancy was in 2009, this time when her fertility clinic mistakenly implanted her with the embryo of another couple, Shannon and Paul Morrell. They have fabulous careers all the way to forty without the challenges (or career-killers) that having children can sometimes cause in an industry that celebrates 24-hour availability of celebrities. Their articles are not a substitute for medical advice, although we hope you can gain knowledge from their insight.

I had my daughter four days before my 37th birthday I then developed a condition called endometriosis and at the age of 41 was admitted to hospital where I had to have one of my ovaries and a fallopian tube removed due to a cyst.
Knowing how much this baby was wanted, Mrs Savage made the life-altering decision to carry the child, Logan, now six, to full term and reunite him with his parents. I mentioned to the doctor that I would have loved another baby and she told me that it was virtually impossible that I would conceive, due to my age and the medical condition I suffered from, and that even if I did, a miscarriage would be more likely and of course the high risk of a Down's Syndrome baby. I was advised to have a Hysterectomy and I had started to come round to the idea, so after moving from central London to Lancashire, I decided that after Christmas I would get an appointment with the doctor and set the ball rolling. I drink gallons of water every day and drink very little tea and coffee, which is decaffeinated too. I love a glass or two of wine (which sadly is taboo now) and eat far too much cheese !!!For all you of you trying to get pregnant, remain positive, it will happen !!
However, I felt so tired and under the weather that just to put my mind at rest I did a pregnancy test and to my utter disbelief it was positive. So, to cut a nine month story short, my gorgeous son was born weighing 8lb 9oz on September 18th 2003.
I still can't believe how incredibley lucky I am to be the Mother of two adorable children.So it just goes to show that the experts don't always know best.

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