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These first few weeks are full uncertainty, if you are trying to get pregnant can make you more alert to your symptoms and be able to recognize some but if you are not looking very likely to go completely unnoticed. At this stage it may be that you do not even realize they’re pregnant but most women begin to experience symptoms such as pain or breast tenderness and nausea. Rincon Valley Middle School and Maria Carrillo High School teamed up to raise money for victims of the Valley Fire in Clear Lake.
On behalf of the entire staff at Rincon Valley Middle School, I would like to extend an invitation to our parents to join us for Back to School Night on Thursday, September 10th. Two hundred 7th grade students, divided into four color teams, battled it out to kick off Red Ribbon Week. With only four days to pull it all off, the Leadership classes at both schools did a marvelous job.

Sport A Rama is a wonderful night showing students that you can have a blast without drugs!
If you have a zero period student, the classroom presentations will be made at 6:10 in the Cafe for 7th grade and the weight room (75) for 8th grade.
Student competed in twelve different events to see who would reign as champion; but at Sport A Rama everyone is a winner. In just three hours, the Valley Fire Walk A Thon raised $22,300 for our fellow citizens in need. We’d also like to thank our local Starbucks for donating over 500 cups of coffee and various snacks. Back to School Night is a wonderful opportunity to meet your child’s teachers and review course expectations and content for each class.

This form also has a map on the back that your student should mark their various classes on.
I’ve attached the class schedule handout and map below, just in case your student lost theirs.

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