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Unfortunately, your chances of conceiving and carrying a baby to term is not as good as it once was. To get started, most doctors advise women over 40 to take the same steps as any other woman to prepare to get pregnant. Eat a well-rounded diet that includes a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, healthy lean protein and high quality fiber. Minimize stress and have a plan for dealing with stress factors while you are trying to conceive and when you are pregnant. Once you have made all of these changes and ceased all birth control for a couple months, try getting pregnant with intercourse near ovulation for three whole months (cycles). For a younger woman, a general rule of thumb is for a year of trying naturally before infertility could be an issue. Some issues might be exacerbated, like a pre-arthritic condition in the joints or a slowing of the metabolism. One thing to be aware of is that the eggs that are left are the ones that have taken the longest to develop, and so have a higher risk of genetic abnormalities. Changes in your body has its upside too, as women over 40 often release more than one egg per cycle. With proper monitoring, personal awareness and the right attitude, getting pregnant in your 40s is an experience most women would never exchange with their younger selves. 40 is often the best time to have kids, as you will have finally reached a place in your life to assume your greatest and most fulfilling legacy – that is, to pass down all of your accomplishments, knowledge and life lessons to your new family!
I’ve been trying for a baby for close to a year and I keep getting these false alarms like morning sickness and dizzy spells, sometimes even late periods. It came as a massive shock to us when within ONE WEEK of trying to conceive we were pregnant! Had we of known it would be this easy we would have waited and we will never believe what they say on the internet again!
About MeHello, I'm Christian, and after years of struggling with infertility, we got pregnant naturally. I encourage others trying to have a baby to look at alternative treatments before trying IVF or drugs. Australia's corporatised, self-regulated fertility industry is increasingly selling snake oils, false hope and unnecessary treatments to women desperate to become mothers, experts say.

Rates of Australian women over 40 having fertility treatment has almost tripled in the last decade.
For many Australians, fertility treatment promises to do what nature seemingly will not — that is, give you a baby. But that simple statement masks a lot of fine print, and a serious emotional, physical and financial toll. The problem with clinics' success rates claimsFertility clinic websites have a number of different ways of reporting success rates. This service includes material from AAP, Agence France-Presse, APTN, BBC, CNN, Getty, Pacnews, Reuters and other agencies which is copyright and cannot be reproduced, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without written consent. The good news is, you still can, and more and more women in their 40’s are successfully having children. You could be physically fit and look ten years younger than you actually are, but you have a finite number of eggs in your ovaries. So, fudging the math, this generally means that you should be able to get pregnant after around five or six months. Get a full checkup and consult with the doctor based on their knowledge of your medical details. This can be a little difficult for an older woman who has been smoking for 20 years or who is used to a glass or two of wine at the end of a long day.
This is especially important for women whose metabolisms are slower than someone in their 20’s. Stress and normal treatments (like prescription drugs or alcohol) can interfere with conception and pregnancy.
Familiarize yourself with your own cycle and start taking your temperature to determine when you are most likely to get pregnant. For those over 40, infertility could be a potential question if you are not pregnant within three months.
The doctor can examine ovary function and your partner’s sperm to isolate any concerns. Most doctors will be able to identify and address these issues early, and these are usually of minimal concern. A blood panel will more clearly show chromosomal issues that could compromise your pregnancy.

Just discovered I’m four months pregnant at 46, after two miscarriages in my late 30s. After reading how difficult it is to get pregnant after 40 we decided to start trying soon after getting together in the hope that we may be pregnant within a year. You may over-respond to the hormone injections — a dangerous condition which, in very rare cases, can even be fatal.
It is important to stop and find alternatives immediately so habits can be broken before pregnancy.
Find other outlets like taking classes, yoga, meditation, writing or anything that will free your mind from daily work stress. This is especially important for women over 40 as the hormones begin to change to pre-menopause and cycles can become irregular. This is one of the ways older women will have an advantage, they usually have more security financially and career-wise as well as a base of reliable friends and family. You may not produce any viable eggs.Your eggs may not fertilise and grow into embryos, or your embryos may fail at the final hurdle and not implant in the uterus. Caffeine as a habit is much easier to kick than nicotine – a few days of grumpiness and headaches, and afterward your body can do without it. If all goes well, she proceeds to an egg collection stage, which is followed by fertilisation. In 2013, more than 900 women aged 45 or older had a fertility cycle using their own unfrozen eggs. If a healthy embryo results, it can be transferred back into her body in the hope it will take hold. Praying that I give birth to a healthy baby, and that hubby and me will have the energy to keep up with a newborn!

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