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Extensive data on fertility and fertility preferences are available on STATcompiler; compare among countries and analyze trends over time. The Demographic and Health Surveys have been collecting data on fertility for nearly 30 years. Information on current and total fertility is essential in monitoring population growth and developing policies and programs. To collect data on fertility preferences, women and men are asked a series of questions including their desire to have another child, the length of time they would like to wait before having another child, and what they would consider to be the ideal number of children. In many less-developed countries, declining fertility rates over the past 50 years represent an important population success story.

Birth intervals are important because short intervals increase the risk of childhood mortality.
First, each woman is asked the number of sons and daughters who live with her, the number who live elsewhere, and the number who were born alive and later died. A mother's age during childbearing a€“ whether too young or too old a€“ can increase the risk to the health of the mother and the child. Next, a complete history of all the womana€™s births is obtained, including the name, sex, month and year of birth, age, and survival status for each of the births.
Information on fertility preferences provides family planning programs with an understanding of the potential a€?demanda€™ for fertility control in a given population.

For living children, a question is asked about whether the child was living in the household or away. Finally, information is collected on whether a woman was pregnant at the time of the survey.

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