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This recent fertility decline may be just a short-term response to high unemployment rates, or it may signal a longer-term drop in lifetime fertility.
Fertility Rates for Latinas and Black Women Are Approaching Those of White and Asian Women. A prolonged decline in African American and Latina fertility rates will affect the future racial and ethnic composition of the United States. However, longer-term fertility trends may depend on future trends in women's employment and earnings relative to men.8 Women outnumber men in college and make up a growing share of the labor force. The total fertility rate estimates the number of births a woman is expected to have during her lifetime based on current age-specific fertility rates. Wolfgang Lutz, Vegard Skirbekk, and Maria Rita Testa, "The Low Fertility Trap Hypothesis," in Vienna Yearbook of Population Research, ed. The 65-and-older population in countries such as Haiti, Bolivia, and Guatemala will still be less than 7% by 2030.
Every year PRB provides the latest demographic data for the world, global regions, and over 200 countries. Ever since Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species in 1859, evolution has been the grand unifying theory of biology. The Attention Schema Theory (AST), developed over the past five years, may be able to answer those questions. Two letters, one from the victim and one from the offender’s father, have pushed a California case to the forefront of a national conversation about sexual assault.
In the days after a 20-year-old former Stanford University student received his jail sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on the school’s campus, two letters related to the case and made public have been widely read: one by the victim, and one by the offender’s father. The victim’s letter was published in full by BuzzFeed on Friday, a day after the 23-year-old woman, who has chosen to stay anonymous, read it aloud to Brock Allen Turner during his sentencing hearing. Voters in Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Dakota will also head to the polls on Tuesday, as Hillary Clinton seeks to push Bernie Sanders out of the race.
The Second Amendment has been vigorously protected by the elected branches of government—don’t look for the next Court to change that.
In the next confirmation hearings for a Supreme Court nominee, be it Merrick Garland or someone else nominated by a President Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, guns will likely play the role that abortion used to play. The news often portrays people with psychiatric disorders as a danger to others, when suicide is the much greater risk.
After a shooting, once the dust has settled, and the initial shock and panic has abated somewhat, fearful minds begin to cast about for explanations.
Unfortunately, a consistent and dangerous narrative has emerged—an explanation all-too-readily at hand when a mass shooting or other violent tragedy occurs: The perpetrator must have been mentally ill. Repudiating their support would be virtually unprecedented—but so, too, were Trump’s nakedly prejudiced attacks on a respected federal judge.

If the presumptive Republican nominee would have changed his rhetoric after John Kasich and Ted Cruz dropped out of the GOP primary, he and his supporters may have been able to move past his bygone attacks on women, Muslims, and Hispanics, persuading voters that he’s a politically incorrect panderer, not a bigot. To understand the Middle East’s seemingly intractable con?icts, we need to go back to at least 1924, the year the last caliphate was formally abolished. Since the Ottoman Caliphate’s dissolution, the struggle to establish a legitimate political order has raged on in the Middle East, with varying levels of intensity. Tens of thousands of years ago, before the internet, before the Industrial Revolution, before literature and mathematics, bronze and iron, before the advent of agriculture, early humans formed an unlikely partnership with another animal—the grey wolf. Today, dogs are such familiar parts of our lives—our reputed best friends and subject of many a meme—that it’s easy to take them, and what they represent, for granted.
It’s easy to see why, say, Wall Street bankers might not want Elizabeth Warren in the White House. While Warren is widely considered a progressive icon, Democrats could end up in a precarious situation if she becomes Hillary Clinton’s running mate. In May, the International Space Station made its 100,000th orbit of the Earth, and it has reached nearly 16 years of continuous human occupancy.
The Kiev-based startup Luciding is trying to put people in control of the images they encounter in their sleep. Most recessions have had relatively minor effects on fertility rates—often lasting two to five years. In Europe, high rates of unemployment and low levels of economic security are strongly associated with declines in fertility among young adults.7 The economic downturn may have had a similar effect on young adults' fertility in the United States.
Replacement level fertility is the level of fertility at which a couple has only enough children to replace themselves, or about 2.1 children per couple. Census Bureau, "Most Children Younger Than Age 1 Are Minorities," accessed on June 7, 2012. Yet one of our most important biological traits, consciousness, is rarely studied in the context of evolution.
The theory suggests that consciousness arises as a solution to one of the most fundamental problems facing any nervous system: Too much information constantly flows in to be fully processed. In the 7,244 word-letter, the woman provides a harrowing, detailed account of her attempted rape in January 2015 and the struggle of trying to survive it. During the confirmation battles over Supreme Court nominees in the 1980s and 1990s, it sometimes seemed as if the only relevant question was how the prospective justice would vote on reproductive rights. Questions about how the nominee would handle Second Amendment cases are certain to dominate the hearings—even though the next Supreme Court justice is not likely to radically shift constitutional law on questions of gun control.
Given the frequency with which gun deaths occur in the United States, “Why did this happen?” and “Who could do something like this?” are questions the country faces with grim regularity. Indeed, many on the right deluded themselves into thinking that the Republican standard-bearer would transform into a different character when competing in the general election, taking advantage of America’s short attention-span en route to victory.

Animating the caliphate—the historical political entity governed by Islamic law and tradition—was the idea that, in the words of the historian Reza Pankhurst, the “spiritual unity of the Muslim community requires political expression.” For the better part of 13 centuries, there had been a continuous lineage of widely accepted “Islamic” politics.
The Massachusetts Democratic senator has earned a reputation as an outspoken opponent of corporate America and the influence of money in politics. To defeat Donald Trump, Clinton will need to unite her party after a fractious primary battle with Bernie Sanders. Fertility rates among white and Asian women have also dropped, but at a slower pace, resulting in similar fertility rates among different racial and ethnic groups. Forty years ago, birth rates among women in their 20s were significantly higher than those of women in their 30s. Theories of consciousness come from religion, from philosophy, from cognitive science, but not so much from evolutionary biology.
The brain evolved increasingly sophisticated mechanisms for deeply processing a few select signals at the expense of others, and in the AST, consciousness is the ultimate result of that evolutionary sequence.
In this sense, the turmoil of the Arab Spring and the rise of the Islamic State, or ISIS, is only the latest iteration of the inability to resolve the most basic questions over what it means to be a citizen and what it means to be a state. For now, Sanders remains in the race, but on Monday the Associated Press reported that Clinton had amassed enough delegates to secure the nomination. Astronauts Timothy Kopra, Yuri Malenchenko, Timothy Peake, Aleksey Ovchinin,  Oleg Skripochka, and Jeffrey Williams, from the US, UK, and Russia, have been conducting experiments and taking some amazing photographs during their tour in orbit. In 1970, there were 168 births per 1,000 women ages 20 to 24, compared with 73 births per 1,000 women ages 30 to 34. Maybe that’s why so few theories have been able to tackle basic questions such as: What is the adaptive value of consciousness?
If the theory is right—and that has yet to be determined—then consciousness evolved gradually over the past half billion years and is present in a range of vertebrate species. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the jurist presiding over the Trump University fraud trial, even though doing so guarantees exponentially more press coverage of the fact that he’s being sued for defrauding working-class Americans. Senate’s top Democrat, is reportedly promoting Warren as a vice-presidential contender in the 2016 election—an indication that party leaders believe her populist message would resonate on the campaign trail. If Clinton believes she has placated Sanders supporters by selecting Warren as her vice president, she may run a more moderate campaign in a bid to appeal to Republicans and Independents.
Although a Supreme Court justice votes on thousands of different issues, a spectator could be forgiven for suspecting that abortion was the only item on the Supreme Court’s agenda. In 2010, the birth rate among teens dropped to 34 births per 1,000 girls ages 15 to 19—the lowest level ever recorded in the United States.

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