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The Early Pregnancy Signs Analyzer shows you an estimate of the probability of your signs appearing on pregnancy charts in the chart gallery.
The preliminary results show that charts with a display of 80 or more points are 70 to 90% more likely to be pregnancy charts all other factors being equal. The Intercourse Timing Analyzer evaluates your recorded intercourse data to find out if it could lead to pregnancy with the highest probability. The OPK Optimizer helps you find out when to start using your Ovulation Predictor Kit tests given your specific cycle characteristics. You can search the hundreds of thousands of charts submitted by other users to find charts like yours and see stats about them. This tool lets you view the probability of a data point you recorded (symptom) occurring after another piece of data you recorded (trigger).

The Signs Analyzer lets you see the probability of a sign occurring with respect to your menstrual cycle phase (period, ovulation and luteal phase). Temperature RibbonThe Temperature Ribbon lets you look at your temperature data as a long ribbon with markers for periods and ovulation dates. This statistical study measured the length of each cycle from the first day of bleeding (included) to the start of the next bleeding (excluded). We found that 11.28% of the sample's charts had a cycle length of exactly 28 days and 16% had a cycle length of 35 days or more.
More points means the signs on your chart were observed more frequently on pregnancy charts in the chart gallery.
Given the statistical nature of this tool though that means that you will find cases of high value with no pregnancy and vice versa.

The interest of this gauge is to give clues to answer the question that everyone trying to conceive has in mind: did other women experience what I experienced and end up pregnant?
It does not mean that if you do not experience what other women experienced you are definitely not pregnant or even that if you experienced all the same signs you will be pregnant.

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