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If you aren’t familiar with the TTC forums, like the ones at Fertility Friend, you’d be surprised about what a huge online world it is. I had read about debates between first morning urine (FMU) and second morning urine (SMU) on the forums. So of course my first reaction when I see a pink smudge is to take a photo and email it to Caitlin! She said she could – just a little – but that I should go take an expensive test because these cheap strips are so hard to see and can sometimes produce evaporation lines and false smudges.
This was the point in the day that my breath caught in my throat and I knew: I was pregnant. Now don’t get me wrong – I knew there was a chance (at this point still days before my period was due – about a 50% chance) that the baby “wouldn’t stick,” as they say. I hate that your posts are all pre-written and spaced out…because I know you have them all ready for me to read, but you’re making me wait!
I also got a positive at 10 days dpo…my chart clued me in with an uncharacteristic 2nd temp spike. I took 5 pregnancy tests (and all had two bright pink lines) before I even let myself get excited…haha. I found out that I am pregnant last week and just took a bunch of pregnancy tests, so I am curious what made you think you were pregnant from one line on the early result test?
However, you could only see the second line if you held the test in front of the light at jussst the right angle. With my son I didn’t bother to take a test until 13dpo (and it was immediately positive), but I was clearly feeling food aversions and nausea at 9dpo. Your cycles sound very typical for just coming off of birth control (albeit VERY frustrating!).
I remember showing the lines to my hubs being like, is there a 2nd line here and he’s like well yes, that’s means your not pregnant, right? Also, dying to know if you asked Karen and your mom (and dad) not to read this blog or particular posts? I got a line like you show on the First Response test my first month trying – and got my period later that same day.

I do just want to make sure that other ladies reading this blog understand that simply tracking ovulation and timing intercourse does *not* ensure a speedy pregnancy.
I would urge all women nearing 30 who have been trying for several months to get special attention sooner rather than later in case surgery, medication, therapies, or all of the above are required. It takes the average couple a year to conceive so I wouldn’t jump to see a doctor or think anything is wrong after several months of trying. Yep, an average couple has about a 20% chance every month if the timing is perfect, which it definitely isn’t always even when you think it is.
WOW I’m surprised at all of the work, research, charting, taking tempatures, testing, etc that you did since you got pregnant SO quickly!!! For all charter bees who got a BFP, does anyone have the chart from that cycle that they can share? I’ve been a little anxious about it since I got the BFP, so I’ve been testing with my wondofos daily! I lie in bed for a while and tell myself not to get discouraged if the test is negative because most tests are not positive until 13-15 dpo. I didn’t participate too much, but I read a lot of forums to absorb as many real life experiences as possible. After multiple squeals – both in my house and in Caitlin’s G-chat window – I couldn’t stop smiling.
What happens should you have a daughter that follows in your footsteps and keeps her maiden name? Maybe her husband’s last name will be super common and simple and she chooses to take that. As infuriating as it is to hear, the facts show that fertility diminishes after the age of 30 and rapidly diminishes after 35. I hope I made it clear that I didn’t start doing all of that because I felt that I HAD to. In the trying-to-conceive world, many women go to every extreme to try to see a faint line on a test 8 days past ovulation. Some proclaimed that they always got darker lines in the evenings, others got the darkest lines the second time they went to the bathroom – after breakfast.

Getting pregnant for the first time was still a huge leap forward: Matt and I could biologically conceive. Although not ready for a baby quite yet, my husband and I would like to try in a couple of years and this is getting me so excited for that process! I can’t imagine the feeling you get when you see that pink line for the first time, can’t wait to read more!
I had heard that a line, no matter how faint, meant pregnant and when mine was wrong I thought maybe it was too faint but it looked just like yours.
Even if you’re trying and hoping, I am sure knowing will be surreal and amazing in so many ways. I did it because I wanted to and it was an incredible science learning experiment to getting a better idea of what was going on.
Although what I don’t know is if you use fertility tools like checking cervical fluid, temping or charting, or OPKs whether or not they are included in the 20%.
But having stared at tons of tests that were stark white, I recognized something was different.
While other things could still go wrong, the answer to the “are we able” question was now answered.
I had a weird moment when I thought i might be–I was crying for no reason and am not really a cryer. I would think the 20% would be just random pregnancies by chance and not including the ones that are more planned, but I really don’t know.
Since one women had gotten a positive that early (likely a miscalculated ovulation), it gives hope to the rest and crazy “POAS addicts” are born. There was a good chance that the tiny ball of cells inside of me would grow into my first baby, and the thought made me love it already.
I am not claiming to be exempt from this – I definitely got a little crazy at times examining tests in 10 different lights, and yes, even Photoshopping them to see if a line appeared under dark exposure and high contrast.

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