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A diagnosis of infertility can feel overwhelming and stressful for individuals and couples who always assumed that pregnancy would come easily. It is our commitment to address our patient’s unique set of circumstances, medical as well as non-medical. As a unified team, guided by the highest ethical standards, we provide our patients with the best quality, individualized, compassionate fertility care.
Each Pacific Fertility Center physician is a Certified Subspecialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI) with the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Pacific Fertility Center’s Patient Care Teams plays an integral role in assisting our patients through the entire treatment cycle. A patient care team includes their doctor, their new patient guide, their clinical coordinator, their nurse and their medical assistant. How our laboratory maintains its gold standard. All egg retrievals and embryo transfers take place in our private office in San Francisco, and are immediately transported to our on-site laboratory.
Our state-of-the-art lab facility has repeatedly received the coveted "perfect score" certification from the College of American Pathologists-American Society for Reproductive Medicine (CAP-ASRM). Learn more about PFC’s laboratory and staff. Pacific Fertility Center®, located in Northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area, is an international destination for male and female fertility treatment and care.

We offer the latest advances in health medicine to face the main infertility problems worldwide and in Mexico. At Fertility Center Cancun we have assisted reproduction specialists that are national leaders in fertility treatments and some of the most experienced and experienced fertility doctors in this field in Mexico. Our infertility clinic has managed to contribute constantly with couples that havena€™t been able to achieve a pregnancy and our in vitro Fertilization treatments have achieved results and pregnancy rates above 60% including patients that have undergone recurrent unsuccessful treatments.
With our diagnostic programs we compromise to identify the causes and adequate treatment to achieve the family dream, to have a baby.
Thank you Fertility Center for being not only a team of professionals in the field of fertility, but also a team of professionals who cares for their patients in a personalized manner during this emotional process. If you are looking to have a fertility treatment in Mexico, consider Fertility Center Cancun as your first choice. Our laboratory uses state of the art technology constantly upgraded and updated, in order to give you the best results.
The importance of the recognition, accreditation and certification in medical tourism in assisted reproduction. Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) serves an enormous and increasing number of patients each year.

Our physicians have held faculty positions at leading research universities. Each physician has actively participated in clinical research to advance the safety, success, and affordability of infertility treatments.
We also regularly see patients from surrounding areas in California, like Berkeley, Oakland, Palo Alto, and Marin County.
As a group, our physicians have performed IVF procedures longer than any other program in the Bay Area. Learn more about our reproductive endocrinologist, nurses, and embryology staff. For updated information about our fertility clinic, infertility treatment options, IVF success rates and more, read our infertility doctor blog or subscribe to Pacific Fertility Center's Fertility Flash newsletter. This study, seeking to counter those effects, investigated the opportunities for expansion and improved efficiency at MGH Fertility Center’s existing clinic and procedure suite.After examining the existing layout for inefficiencies and other potential flaws, Isgenuity formulated a series of improvements that could help the center use its facility as productively as possible. Included in this list were options for improved patient and staff flow and opportunities to improve space utilization.A key component of our plan was the addition of a transfer room, which allows the procedure room to be used for more complicated cases. This suggestion, along with a series of other potential cost-effective improvements, would allow MGH to accommodate an ever-increasing number of patients without radically altering its facility.

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