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Hi?n nay, c? 100 c?p v? ch?ng thi co d?n 20 c?p v? ch?ng b? hi?m mu?n con. Cac thanh ph?n t? nhien c?a Fertalin For Fertility mang d?n m?t sinh l?c d?i dao cho cac c?p v? ch?ng hi?m mu?n. Polyamines 5mg, Selenium 100mcg, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, microcrystalline cellulose.

Balení obsahuje jednu lahvicku Fertility Blend pro zeny a jednu lahvicku Fertlility Blend pro muze. Polyamines hi?n di?n trong t? nhien ch? y?u ? cac th?c ph?m y?n m?ch, dua leo, c? c?i; day la cac thanh ph?n thi?t y?u cho s? phat tri?n t? bao va mo.

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