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Brabus, the performance auto tuning outfit from Germany, seems to have taken a break from supercharging Mercedes' AMG sedans and has come up with a Business Lounge van, a ridiculously luxurious ride based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.
Upon first glance inside, the most prominent feature is the four leather-covered face-to-face seats, clearly aimed at business types who need to hold conferences while on the road. If there are more than four people in a rider's entourage, there's still a third row of seats towards the back. As for the exterior, Brabus' modifications include a new front bumper and 18-inch Monoblock wheels. While the exterior design might be a bit tame compared to Brabus standards, the real attraction is inside, where riders will find enough high-tech comforts and plush seating arrangements to want make the vehicle their new home.

But even better is that each seat can be reclined and adjusted from a control panel, along with tables that fold down over the lap, perfect for placing a keyboard on to work with the built-in tablets.
In addition to the tablets, there's a large LCD TV installed inside, capable of playing movies, video games, and conference-related presentations.
Unfortunately there's no details yet about when the Business Lounge might be available or what it would cost, as it seems to still be a concept.
Sadly, in today’s world, many people feel that a lack of funds is preventing them from achieving their goals.
As for staying hydrated all day, the key is to drink water before the thirsty feeling starts.

John Mandrola explains to health blog Greatist:Not enough summer exercisers start the workout topped off. Again, it's hard to drink that much fluid, but when going out in the heat for a few hours, your body will thank you.And even if you're not exercising, sipping water on regular intervals is still the best way to stay hydrated and feeling fresh.

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