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Teenage pregnancy is associated with a number of negative outcomes for the mother, father, baby, community and the country’s economy. Often the young mother does not have income to afford adequate health care or basic necessities such as food and clothing.
As abortion is illegal in Pacific Island countries women with an unwanted pregnancy can often be forced to practice unsafe abortion, either self-induced or induced by untrained individuals. Increase young people’s knowledge about: growth and development, reproduction, contraception and pregnancy responsible safe sex practices, responsible parenthood and respectful non-violent relationships.

Have you ever heard the old saying, "everyone is doing it?" well that's what some teens think is right. You've worked in the haunted houses at Universal Studios, embodied Jason at the end of Freddy vs. Teenagers fall into peer pressure when one of their friends asks them to do something that they don't want to do. Young people in the Pacific region are not provided with adequate knowledge and skills about sexual reproductive health and have limited access to youth-friendly, gender-responsive sexual and reproductive services, including contraceptives.

Us…ually, it is something that they wouldn't do, but they do because it's "cool" and they will be made fun of if they don't.

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