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Books include simple instructions, beautiful images and clear explanations of safe, sensible exercise options for expecting and new mothers. More than 100 exercises and specific programs for pregnancy and new mums of all stages and fitness levels. Feel your physical and emotional best during your pregnancy, get ready for your exciting delivery and prepare for the busy but wonderful early days of motherhood. Following a safe and sensible pregnancy exercise program can have real benefits for you and your growing baby. Exercising for Two provides sound prenatal fitness advice and a range of exercises to suit your individual preferences and needs, allowing you to keep fit with confidence and reap the benefits for a healthy pregnancy. Shape up and feel fantastic with this step-by-step guide to postnatal recovery and returning to fitness.

The companion volume to Exercising for Two, this comprehensiveguide to postnatal recovery shows you how to get back in shape while avoiding problems caused by going too hard, too fast, too soon, Drawing on Lisa Westlake's popular postnatal exercise classes and more than twenty years' experience of working as a fitness instructor and physiotherapist, this easy- to- use book covers the vast range of exercise options available to you as a new mum wanting to regain your strength and pre- baby body as well as providing helpful physio and lifestyle hints. Keep in touch with Lisa, receive extra tips, news and share stories about your pregnancy and motherhood. Bub & Beyond’s postnatal training programs focus on the physical changes that occurred during your pregnancy and what’s required to get your pre-baby body back! Connect via Skype for your introductory session, where we will discuss your goals and clarify correct form and technique before embarking on your fitness program. Based on Lisa Westlake’s popular prenatal fitness classes, Exercising for Two is a culmination of more than two decades of working as a fitness instructor and physiotherapist with pregnant women, mothers and their babies.

Strength, toning and cardio training teamed with core and pelvic floor exercises are key program components. After the birth of your baby, our postnatal programs will assist in improving both your physical and mental well-being.
Keeping you energised to cope with the demands of your newborn baby and for some, being a first time mum.

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