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There are a number of different types of learning disabilities, so your child's struggles may look different than another's, but moms say it's important to pay attention to your instincts. That's a good way of describing what a learning disability is: learning in a different way. Among other things, learning disabilities can affect the way your child uses and understands language and the way he organizes information. If you're concerned your child might have a learning disability, the best thing to do is to speak with your pediatrician about your concerns. I'm not saying your son has any of these particular issues, but it is definitely worth having him tested.
I think it would be a good idea to try to find a good occupational therapist and a speech therapist. To DanaWeeks- I am not sure how small your town is but I would suggest enrolling him in a martial arts class (Tae Kwon Do, Karate, etc). His grades went back up and he became a B student again and his whole attitude changed, once he saw that he was not stupid(like he thought) his self esteem grew. The medication for us, was the best thing I could have done for him, and realizing that I look back at my child hood and wished that someone would have made the same decision for me. As an elementary teacher with a Masters in Literacy, I strongly agree that if your child has a learning difference, getting help early is key. My son is now 13, and he had was always slow and clumsy, never could really ride a bike, could never skate, was always the last boy in when he played football. All of the items on this list can be the early signs of learning disabilities, but can also be related to other issues as well, so you're correct that #1 is about speech.
While I believe your article is both pretty well researched and extremely well intentioned I would have to point out that No.1 on your list is about speech development. When anything goes wrong with the liver, the effects can be seen in different functions and parts of the body. You will feel hear burn, appetite will be decreased and sometimes you will desire more food to eat.
The above given are the most common symptoms for the early pregnant, when you will feel these thing and see these sings into your health consider that your pregnancy has got started. Pregnancy symptoms differ from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy; however, one of the most significant pregnancy symptoms is a delayed or missed period.
Understanding the signs of pregnancy is important because each symptom may have causes other than pregnancy. If you would like to speak to someone about your symptoms or the possibility of being pregnant, you may call the APA toll-free helpline at 1-800-672-2296, or search locally by zip code below. While implantation bleeding is oftentimes considered a first sign of pregnancy, the poll conducted by the APA revealed that only 3% of women identified implantation bleeding as their first sign of pregnancy. Other potential early pregnancy symptoms include fatigue, headaches, lower backaches, and increased urination. You may contact the American Pregnancy Association at 1-800-672-2296 M-F 10am-6pm to discuss your concerns or ask questions about the pregnancy symptoms you may be experiencing.  You should also look to see if your symptoms could be caused by something else. Delayed or Missed Period: A delayed or missed period is the most common pregnancy symptom leading a woman to test for pregnancy.
Some women can bleed while they are pregnant, but typically this bleeding will be shorter or lighter than a normal period. Swollen or Tender Breasts: Swollen or tender breasts is a pregnancy symptom which may begin as early as 1-2 weeks after conception. Fatigue or Tiredness: Feeling fatigued or more tired is a pregnancy symptom which can also start as early as the first week after conception.
Morning Sickness or Nausea: This well-known pregnancy symptom will oftentimes show up between 2-8 weeks after conception.
Some women are fortunate to not deal with morning sickness at all, while others feel nauseous throughout most of their pregnancy. If you experience morning sickness, take a look at our articles on morning sickness to learn how to manage it better.
Headaches: The sudden rise of hormones in your body can cause you to have headaches early in pregnancy. Frequent Urination: Around 6-8 weeks after conception, you may find yourself making a few extra trips to the bathroom. Food Cravings or Food Aversions: While you may not have a strong desire to eat pickles and ice cream, many women feel cravings for certain foods when they are pregnant.
If you are trying to get pregnant and looking for resources to support your efforts, we invite you to check out the fertility product and resource guide provided by our corporate sponsor. If you are trying to get pregnant, you should get a copy of the Essential Guide for Getting Pregnant.
Sign-Up For The APA NewsletterGet a roundup of all the best pregnancy news and tips from around the web with exclusive discounts and giveaways from our sponsors. The Association is only able to accomplish our mission with the commitment of people like you. The National Center for Learning Disabilities estimates that one in five children has some sort of learning disability, but signs of learning disabilities are often mistaken for other issues.

Another mom, Theresa, who has a child with a learning disability, says Deborah's son might just learn in a different way than other kids. A learning disability is a neurological difference in the way your child processes, uses, holds onto, or recalls the information that comes at him. He may also have a small vocabulary and have trouble finding the right word for things when talking, almost as though it's right on the tip of the tongue.
Ideas like up and down, before and after, or first and last are hard to learn, but a child with a learning disability may have more trouble than usual getting those connections. A number of moms said that this comes across as though their child just isn't listening to them or won't focus.
Your child might have trouble running, skipping, jumping, catching, or throwing or bump into things and fall down more often than other kids her age. The earlier you intervene, the easier it will be to find ways to support your child's learning needs. Well when he was in 2nd grade his teacher said he seemed to be having problems sitting still and seeing things..
His senior year He wanted to join the military and has to be able to continue school with good grades for one year without the medication before they will take him. However, there are many children that exhibit some of these signs to differing degrees that do not have learning differences.
He was also a "slow learner" in that he could pass (barely) if him, the teacher, and myself all worked together all year, but me and him had to usually work on homework till bedtime, and he would often cry, and still go to school with it all not done, and he'd be scared to go. There are, however, learning disabilities, such as Dyspraxia and Non-Verbal Lsarning Disabilites, which affect speech and language processing and production. Loss of AppetiteLoss of appetite is also one of the early signs that your liver is not working properly. Some women also experience nausea, tender breasts, fatigue, an increase need to pee, as well as cravings or aversions to certain foods. If you have missed your period and are experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms, you can take a pregnancy test, or talk to your doctor to find out for sure. If you need free testing, you can search below or order affordable early detection pregnancy tests online. Women may notice changes in their breasts; they may be tender to the touch, sore, or swollen. Some women develop aversions to certain types of food as well, and this too can last throughout your pregnancy. Your tax deductible contribution provides valuable education and more importantly support to women when they need it most.
That's where what Circle of Moms member Eva calls a "disability perspective" comes in handy, remembering that kids want to do things well and will if they can. Children with learning disabilities may also be impulsive because they don't see the connection between what they do and what happens next. She may also have a lot of trouble with things like using scissors or zipping, buttoning, or snapping clothing. We've both been homebound for months and months, except in the evenings a couple times a week, we'll go to town for groceries or something.
For example, mixing up letters like b, d, p, and q both in writing and reading is developmentally appropriate for a long time (generally around the start of second grade this should disappear - but children are different).
Certainly, this list should not be used to diagnose your child with a learning disability (or any other disability for that matter); it's for informational purposes only.
The three most essential functions are producing bile to aid digestion, cleansing harmful toxins from the blood and storing glucose to fulfill the body’s energy needs.With the vital role that your liver plays in your body, it is important to pay attention to its health.
The most common are cirrhosis, cystic disease, fatty liver disease, gallstones, and hepatitis.Always remember that if you look after your liver, it will surely look after your health.
If you experience loss of appetite along with any other symptoms mentioned here, make an appointment with your doctor immediately as it could be a sign of chronic liver disease, hepatitis or kidney failure.People with liver damage may not feel like eating anything, due to the problem with bile production. Here we are going to discuss the First Time Signs of Early Pregnancy Symptoms in Urdu so that the mothers can get to know that Is they are pregnant.
When a girl gets to know about theA pregnancy with baby boy or girl she can not hide her happiness.
He's failed twice regardless of our best efforts, and two years he had terrible teachers, which also undermined his progress. Diet, exercise and adequate sleep are three keys to a healthy liver.By avoiding an excess of toxic food and beverages, such as alcohol, coffee and refined grains, you’ll be doing a great favor to your liver’s health. One of the common signal that you are going to be pregnant is not a menstruation, may be the early pregnancy is already proved by the doctor but that is the confirmation of your pregnancy .Signs of early pregnancy in urdu are being provided here for the ease of women, now you have no need to go to Pharmacy and doctor to get your pregnancy confirmed. He's actually been in karate, and with his body size (he's a big boy) and his lack of coordination, he really hated it.
Perhaps he is on the spectrum such as Aspergers but it's hard to pinpoint one thing when there are several issues and they could all be masking an underlying issue.
Also, most counties will not pay to evaluate students unless they are performing at a certain percentage rate behind their peers. He took the test for special services at the end of 4th grade (when I had asked for an evaluation at the beginning of the year, entering a new school district) and he passed by one point.

According to my doctor, the only solution is LIVER TRANSPLANT in lndia which the family cannot afford.
He begged us to take him out, and it was obvious that karate just wasn't going to be his thing. If he does not to well this semester and changes his mind about military I will put him back on the medication. I cried, because I knew he'd be at the bottom of the pack academically at the beginning of 5th grade, and the rules say he couldn't re-test for another year. Digestive IssuesThe liver plays an active role in the digestion process through the production of bile. He played football for a year, and although he was the slowest on the team, he still liked it and wanted to keep playing, but our second vehicle broke down, and I couldn't find anybody who could help us get him back & forth (the geography in my area of horrendous - we go 20 miles to get anywhere, but it's one way to shop, one way to the other small town where my husband works, then the same distance to another town where the public school is).
I thought that he was a social butterfly like me, but it hurt his school work and he almost failed 2nd grade. I ended up taking him home to homeschool him, because he was started to close up again and become depressed, after having dealt with that for years after his first grade year. Until about 3 years ago, we lived right outside of Memphis, and he played football there too, but he also had neighborhood friends at least sometimes.
That's when I took him to a learning specialist, they tested him and he had a processing disorder, he could see and read but it would not process in his brain, it was like missing a step in understanding what he was reading. I also had to be sure to help him get dressed most of those years, which included tying his shoes and zipping or buttoning him up, because he had a hard time doing it himself, was slow, and would get frustrated. General Weakness and TirednessConstant feeling of fatigue and tiredness can also be a tell-tale sign of improper liver functioning. Changes in Urine ColorIf you are drinking enough fluid and your urine has a darker color, it may be an indication of a liver problem.
The primary reason doctors encourage this simple procedure is to detect breast cancer, but changes in your breasts also can relate to other health conditions, such as mastitis.Considering the criticality of early detection in starting treatment and preventing fatalities, knowledge is key.
It is the liver that breaks down food to release energy required for performing daily tasks.When the liver is not in good condition, your body needs to work harder in order to survive and hence needs more rest. Dark-colored urine can look orange, amber or brown.The change in urine color occurs due to an increased level of bilirubin in the bloodstream. Explore all possible information about ways to detect and signs to notice to stay one step ahead of this fatal cancer.Curejoy experts have explored breast cancer detection and risks in great detail in multiple articles in the recent past.
I wish I could afford to have one for each of my children even though I do not suspect that they have a learning difference. I have went over phonics a thousand times at this point, and he still misspells even basic words.
But I so appreciate the tips and suggestions, because I am truly out of answers at this point. I finally gave in as I watched him struggle with homework, getting angry and then get depressed, I could see him going in a very bad direction.
Nobody seems to care enough about him to see that he is learning disabled, but I am certain of it. Yellowing of SkinOne of the early signs of liver damage is jaundice, where yellowing of the skin, eyes, tongue and fingernails or fingertips is noticeable.Jaundice is caused by a buildup of bilirubin in the blood and body tissue that the liver normally would get rid of along with old red blood cells. I have tutored and worked with many, many children that have different learning difficulties. Respectfully be your child's advocate, stay after the teacher's and work with your child at home.
I did not give it to him on the weekends or holidays because this drug was only to help him in school..
Reading with you child, even when they are in the higher elementary grades has amazing benefits for both of you. He's got the body of a teenager now, and they just cannot put him in a class full of prepubescent kids! He's always been made fun of, and he's so kind-hearted, my mama's heart just can't take anymore watching him suffer humiliation, day in day out, and watching him hang his head, stoop his shoulders, and refuse eye contact anytime we go into a public place.
Maturity seems to be his friend at least, but I'm still extremely concerned about his education.
I've really got off on the wrong foot with the man at the local (small town) education department, and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say I detest the man.
For reasons I won't list here, I don't think he could care less about my son, and because he doesn't know my family, he's not willing to do anything for our situation, so my son falls through cracks in the educational system.
I found Vyvanse, I chose this one because the other medications had side effects that a teen age boy wants to go through during class.

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