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Hinchingbrooke Hospital’s EPAU (Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit) is an outpatient assessment area for women who are experiencing early pregnancy problems up to 16 weeks gestation. Your first point of contact for general enquiries and advice about your pregnancy is your GP or community midwife – they will refer you to the EPAU if necessary. If you are referred to the EPAU you may need an ultrasound scan to confirm the location and viability or your pregnancy, and in some cases a blood test may also be required. If there are complications and you need further treatment this will be arranged at the time.
You will be kept informed of all scan findings, any recommendations and management plans will be fully discussed with you. The EPAU service runs an appointment system for your convenience in order to reduce waiting time. Find Hinchingbrooke HospitalHinchingbrooke Hospital is conveniently located hear major road and rail networks, so getting here is relatively easy. The Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU) is a specialist area in Mater Mothers’ Hospital that deals specifically with problems in early pregnancy such as bleeding and pain.
Small amounts of bleeding in early pregnancy are not uncommon, especially if they do not last for very long. While every effort is made to arrange appointments on the day of the referral, this may not always be possible. While waiting for your appointment, it is usually best to try and live as normally as possible. The nurse had looked after Elisse after she was admitted to hospital in December 2014 after suffering her fourth miscarriage a€“ a missed miscarriage a€“ at ten weeks. Not only was Rachel always at the end of the phone if Elisse had any concerns, she also accommodated the couple by scheduling extra appointments and scans out of normal clinic hours so that 36-year-old Richard, who is a courier, could accompany his wife. Amelia was born on two weeks earlier than her due date on November 26, 2015 via caesarean section. How to nominate your nursing hero Ita€™s easy to nominate the person or team you think deserves a Pride of Nursing Award, run by the Coventry Telegraph, in association with Coventry University. Obstetricians - whittington hospital, If there are any medical concerns during your pregnancy you may see one of our consultants in the antenatal clinic..

Paediatric cardiology department great ormond street, The paediatric cardiology department at great ormond street hospital gosh in london provides medical and surgical treatment to children with congenital and acquired.
St thomas' hospital - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, St thomas' hospital is a large nhs teaching hospital in central london.
Central and north west london nhs foundation trust, Central and north west london nhs foundation trust. Dr Dan Poulter, who specialises in obstetrics and gynaecology, officially opened the hospital’s new early pregnancy unit after first seeing the building work take place in July. The new facility provides an area where women experiencing problems with their pregnancy can be scanned, assessed, and if necessary, receive counselling.
Marion’s family have donated ?1,400 to provide additional comforts and personal touches to the area in her memory. A gynaecological assessment room retains the name of consultant Dr Philip Hagan, who died in 2008. Dr Poulter was joined on the visit by Southend West MP, David Amess, and Southend clinical commissioning group clinical chief officer, Paul Husselbee.
He also paid a visit to the Elizabeth Loury oncology ward, which has recently undergone a ?140,000 refurbishment, and completed the visit at the acute stroke unit. Dr Poulter said: “I have been extremely impressed by everything I have seen on my two visits to Southend Hospital. This website and associated newspapers adhere to the Independent Press Standards Organisation's Editors' Code of Practice. You may be given another appointment to come back at a later date for follow-up or you may be referred back to the care of your Community Midwife or GP.
We offer a choice of expectant, medical and surgical management in cases of pregnancy loss and this will be discussed with you fully at your visit. Enter the Treatment Centre and continue straight down the main corridor until you see a green desk on your right. You may be seen by one or all three of these health professionals depending on your situation. However, it may be the first signs of a problem, such as a miscarriage, and it is important that we follow up on such symptoms.

It is important to realise that once a miscarriage has started, unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to stop it.
But after four miscarriages, Elisse Anson and her husband Richard felt nothing but fear for the first trimester. Simply fill in a nomination form here Please note that all entries must be received by Wednesday, April 13, 2016.
If you have a complaint about the editorial content which relates to inaccuracy or intrusion, then please contact the editor here. Please be advised that if it is necessary for you to see a Doctor this may require a wait of up to two hours, though we do endeavour to keep this time to a minimum. They will be able to make a full assessment of the problems you are having which may include a physical examination.
Should the bleeding be heavier or last longer, particularly if it is associated with period-like cramping pains, then a possible miscarriage is more likely.
It was a time of worry for the teaching assistant, who wondered if every twinge or pain meant they would have to say goodbye to another much-wanted baby. Although Elisse was not under Rachela€™s care after the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, the mum-of-two remains deeply grateful to the kind nurse. Taking simple pain medication such as paracetamol (Panadol) for any mild period-type pains you might have, is perfectly safe.
Thankfully, Rachel Meadows, a nurse on the early pregnancy unit at University Hospital Coventry, was on hand. However, should you develop heavy bleeding (soaking a sanitary pad within 30 minutes), or worsening pain, you should seek help immediately by presenting to Mater Adult Hospital's Emergency Department and not waiting for your EPAU appointment. Your blood tests may take several hours to be finalised so it is not always possible to give you a diagnosis at this time. We will call you with the results of the tests and arrange further appointments if required.

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