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During pregnancy your body undergoes a number of changes which can be quite alarming for a pregnant woman.
Leukorrhea or the secretions from the vagina and cervix is made up of normal bacterial flora of the vagina along with the discharge of the old cells that make up the walls of the vagina.
Women in the later stages of pregnancy notice a further increase in secretions which may have an egg white consistency. To deal with the excessive watery discharge in pregnancy women are advised to wear sanitary pads and panty liners.
If the discharge is excessive, then it is important to consult a doctor to rule out the chances of leaking amniotic fluid which can pose risks for the baby.
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The first trimester fetal development pregnancy, Looking for an overview on pregnancy's first trimester find out what's going on with your body, how your baby is developing and what to look out for..
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The increased amount of watery vaginal discharge during pregnancy is one of the frequent concerns among pregnant women.
However it is during pregnancy that this form of vaginal discharge becomes even more pronounced.
During pregnancy with the increase in the estrogen hormone in the body and the increase in the blood flow to the vagina, this discharge increases considerably.During early pregnancy, women notice the watery discharge which might be tinged with brown or pink. This mucus like white discharge during pregnancy is due to the dilation of the cervix which in turn leads to the expulsion of the protective mucus plug that built up in the early stages of pregnancy to protect the uterus. Tampons or tight undergarments that can cause irritation in the private parts should be avoided.
Moreover if the discharge results in itching and burning sensation, then it could be due to a fungal infection which needs to be treated.Yellowish and greenish watery discharge is usually the result of a sexually transmitted disease or a vaginal infection during pregnancy. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). This type of discharge during pregnancy is normal and there is no need for excessive concern.

This is usually a sign of implantation bleeding which is caused by the egg burrowing itself in the uterine wall leading to destruction of superficial blood vessels and slight bleeding.It is important to note that excessive brownish or pinkish vaginal discharge along with severe abdominal pain could be caused by ectopic pregnancy or a possible miscarriage. It is important that pregnant women stay away from soaps and feminine hygiene sprays which can lead to genital infection.
Pink or reddish discharge could be a cause for concern and a doctor should be consulted to check for a possible case of premature delivery or miscarriage. Keeping the genital area clean and wearing cotton undergarments helps a pregnant woman avoid the risk of contacting genital infections.

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