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Scars may harden during pregnancy, with the tissue not receiving the necessary levels of hydration needed to sustain softness. The sudden expansion of scars can cause pain, with tightening sensations often felt along the stomach and hips. As scars stretch to their maximum lengths during the final trimester these symptoms may become more obvious (and more frustrating).
The healing process differs for every woman, however, and some may experience lingering effects – with scars remaining enlarged and tender for several weeks. Don’t forget to subscribe to Scars and Spots to have our posts delivered directly to your inbox.
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A woman’s skin stretches during pregnancy resulting in stretch marks especially around the abdomen. Stretch marks appear when your body starts to grow at a much faster rate than your skin, which makes it hard for the skin to keep up. It is estimated that about 90% of women globally get stretch marks after the 6th or 7th month. The rate at which your pregnancy is growing also determines whether you will get stretch marks or not.
You’ve probably started eating a balanced diet to ensure that your baby gets enough nutrients and vitamins. Food that is rich in Omega-3 and 6 as it will make your skin glow and keep the cell membranes healthy.
Liquids help detoxify the body and also keep the cells of the skin plump, which in turn makes the skin healthy. Do not use the brush on your breasts because breast skin is very sensitive and can be damaged when brushed.

Many body washes have sulfates, which dry out the skin and over time and reduce its elasticity. Bio oil, Shea butter, almond oil, wheat germ oil and cocoa butter are quite popular oils for moisturizing the skin of pregnant women.
If you spend time out in the sun or go swimming, make sure that your body has enough sunscreen especially the chest, sides and belly areas i.e. The body must accommodate the fetus and does so with the production of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), stronger blood stream circulations, and ever-expanding skin.
Hormonal fluctuations and natural weight gain will cause skin to expand, and this will instantly alter the appearance of every abrasion, keloid, or contracture. Women should consult with a physician if they experience consistent pain or find their everyday activities hindered.
It contains NO hydroquinone, preservatives, fragrances, petroleum, mineral oil, or alcohol.
There is, however, no proven ways of treating stretch marks or stopping them from appearing. While you are at it, incorporate foods that promote skin health and those that will improve the elasticity of your skin.This will help keep stretch marks from appearing.
Your skin will also be able to get back to normal from the stresses brought by stretch marks. If you are unable to ingest all at once, you can get a bottle of water that can carry all 8 glasses of water and drink the water in bits throughout the day.
When you drink tea that does not contain any caffeine, you are able to help your body to remain hydrated. Even though pregnant women are required to eat more calories than they were eating before, it does not mean that you eat twice as much. When they do come, just have a little of whatever food you have cravings for and top it with a hefty serving of fruits. Biking, running, swimming to keep the circulation going and they also help your skin to get back into shape. However, if they continue being a bother to you, you can consult a dermatologist so that you would be able to discuss appropriate treatment.

It’s this point that often proves the most concerning, with tissue around the abdomen, thighs, hips, and waist consistently growing throughout each trimester. Stretch marks are among the most common symptoms associated with childbirth, with the elasticity of the skin pushed beyond its capacity and collagen production interrupted.
Resuming past levels of activity should tighten sagging skin, and a re-balance of hormone levels will deliver the necessary moisture (this will soften any rigid tissue and reduce swelling).
Along with the change in schedule, a woman’s body also experiences some changes especially physically, among which are stretch marks.
The two most common areas that get stretch marks during pregnancy are the breasts and belly. Therefore, if your mother had stretch marks when pregnant, there is high likelihood that you will also get them.
Eat celery, big salads with cucumbers, fresh bell peppers, honeydew, strawberries, watermelon and others. It is also recommended for the reduction of stretch mark appearance and also as a stretch marks preventative technique. Women often wonder what the effect of this growth will be on their scars – and if it will last.
Before purchasing any product it is recommended that women consult with their dermatologists. The good thing is that you can prevent and even reduce stretch marks appearance if you take proper steps early enough during pregnancy. There are some things you can do to ensure that they are less noticeable even in your last trimester. Here is how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy with a few lifestyle changes, practicing maintenance and a skin regimen after the birth of your baby. The marks start off as purple or reddish marks and gradually fade after pregnancy to gray or white.

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