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This competition is a spin off to the builder's Quality Control Contest which involves weekly lot contests, sim contest and monthly contests. Quality Control Practice Challenges are to help people learn about all aspects of building, decorating and landscaping. Quality Control gets contacted often by people desperately needing all or part of there house renovated due to damage or just plain old age, so I send in my cleaning crew to clear out the room ready to be decorated. There is no building involved just decorating, each week I will provide a shell for a room and you are to decorate it for the clients in need. Experienced - For those more confident and experienced builders, people who have little to no placement or play ability issues.
The winner will receive a Golden Rose, this rose was created with the magic from a Unicorn and they are very rare.
These are general rules and specific rules for each challenge will be posted with the write ups.
A quick note from the judges about the challenges, we will be looking at how well your rooms and sims reflect the whole brief from the story to the requirements (we will be hiding hints in the stories). There will be no extensions all entries must be in by the specified time (it will be the same time every week unless notified in advance). We found that when sims use the yoga mats they stick into the towels we felt moving them to the top of the mat would of been better. Gym&Yoga, Fire&Ice looks amazing the gym owners loved the great theme you chose with fire and ice.
The yoga room and reception area did feel a little dark and gym owners felt it needed to be a lot brighter for a gym. Fitness Heaven is wonderful the gym owners loved the design with the hallway that looks into the rooms with windows and blinds. We think instead of putting a bar in the gym it would of been better to place a reception desk and maybe some more lounge seating in the hallway. Tranquil Waters Gym is beautiful with such a great relaxing feel to its style and gorgeous decorations.
We felt the grey flooring needed to be broken up a bit with either a second flooring or adding in some more grass decorative areas.
Weight Project Lounge is very attractive gym with the gorgeous colors of green on black and grey.
The owners felt that a second flooring type would have added a bit more to breaking up the areas of the room and we felt with the window placement all the way around it would be difficult to attach this room to the rest of the gym, leaving out the small windows near the doors would of helped this.
Active Gym is a very stylish gym room, such a great color scheme with the yellow against the grey it really brightens up the room giving it a fresh sunny feeling. The gym owners felt that the space is a bit empty having the requirements but nothing to really make it unique, we love to see some creative decoration to make your room unique it will help bump up your creativity scores. Emerald Gym is such a great, fresh, modern and clean gym, the gym owners loved walking and to see a great reception area to welcome customers and a lovely lounge area.
While some areas are decorated great some areas look a bit bare some more decoration would of really given this room an edge in areas such as the yoga back section and some more color near the treadmills. Valentine's is a gorgeous looking gym, the gym owners were pleasantly surprised when they entered. The treadmills looked a bit strange having the 3rd one facing a different direction, a pick a peck of pennies were sticking into the wall signs we understand you may have been trying to create something new but they were both different. The blue lockers looked a bit out of place and matching the colors with red, white or pink would of suited the room a bit better.

Calm Gym is wonderful with a bit of an industrial feel to it, the gym owners loved the break up of the room with showers and toilets. We would like to see you experiment with some other colors as most of your entries revolve around grey and white. We found a few placement issues with some items so remember to hold down the ALT button when placing to move items away from others. While the sinks in the bathroom are creative sticking the awesome cub into them made them unusable for sims.
Yayyyyyyyyyyyy, yippeeeerrrrer, happy dance, not for long as I'll conk out as its too hot, lol. She likes to make everything and anything and is always on the hunt for materials to make something new. The gym owners loved the use of space with great creativity adding the little reception areas, lounge, bar and bathrooms.
The gym owners thought the reception area that greeted them as they entered looked beautiful with the decorative shelving, towels, candles and signage. The color scheme looks amazing and the added decoration with the strips of light really looks great.
The gym owners were so happy when they walked in to see the beautiful bar area with great signage and they loved the decorations with the fish tank and bamboo. The decorations look amazing and the gym owners loved the juiced up wall display and signage.
Putting rugs under solid structures like kitchen counters feels a bit odd as its not something normally possible. The decorations around the room are amazing, we loved the creative centre display of sporty mannequins and the shelving display with towels, boxing gloves and fitness books is very creative and a fabulous idea. We felt so much of the black flooring was a bit much and breaking it up with another flooring for different areas would of helped. The gym owners loved the gorgeous reception area and lounge for their customers to be greeted warmly and have an area to relax. The Slots-o-Lot File-o-Facts sticking into fire extinguisher, the black ottomans are sticking into the Outdoor conversational seat, both good vibrations wall speakers are sticking into water fall, the glazed vase is sticking through the glass window and there is no toilet paper for the toilets. We found several windows had 2nd windows placed over them this makes part of the windows be blacked out. What she needs is a huge craft room that she can just just hide away from the world and create. Although they did say the back door was to go off to the rest of the gym where bathrooms would be they feel you made them look fantastic.
We loved how you broke up the room to give the customers the feeling of a bit of privacy while working out yet still being open and spacious.
Great design and break up of the room and we love the creative use of different floor coverings and wall coverings. The little snack area with the shelving and drinks decoration looks fantastic and we loved seeing a juiced up wall display.
Wonderful relaxing lounge and snack area for customers to enjoy and we absolutely loved the yoga room, using different colored mats was a great idea as it added more decoration. When adding in a small kitchen area its best to have a sink to be able to clean up the mess.
The yoga room was a bit small and a bit squashy compared to the rest and we felt it would be tough to add this room onto a building with windows all the way around.

We loved how you separated the room and had different areas for each type of exercise equipment. Of course it must also have a cosy computer area to settle in for hours of sims fun and judging of everyones challenge entries. The decorations look fabulous and we really loved the mix of wall coverings use with the strips of light to break them up, all the blue used contrasts nicely with the rest of the room. Such creativity in here with the faux barbells and the creative mats around the boxing area. Nice reception and lounge area, the gym owners commented on how creative and impressive the wall looked with the colored mirrors and wheat grass plants.
Overall this gym has a great relaxing tranquil feel to it and great decoration, wonderful place for people to come and work out. Beautiful yoga room with a great relaxing feel, we love the decorations in here with the candles and fish tank. The locker area was a great addition and the gym owners loved the space you have given to the customers for this.
Customers will love the tv's to watch while working out and speakers for listening to music. We loved all the decoration and creative little ideas like the Tri-piary with the large vase and creative walls around the yoga room. She would also like a nice craft table to sit at make all her lovely new creations, she will need some storage to store all the materials. The gym owners feel this room would really keep the customers coming back with is eye catching decoration and detail. Great interior design we love that you broke up the walls with the green and strips of light. We like the detail with the exit signs above the doors and great to see a tv and music speakers. The gym owners loved the yoga room feeling separated from the rest and how open the gym feels. The room is very well lit with nice touches of decoration in areas like the great trophy cases and the great feature wall in part of the yoga room.
Great addition of lockers and bathrooms even though the back door was to lead off to bathrooms in another part of the gym as brief stated.
Now that you have a grasp on the placement we feel you should be entering experienced level from now on.
The highlight for us though was the stunning yoga room, such a great relaxing feel and so beautifully decorated. The creative wall around the yoga room looks very nice and having water falls surrounding the customers while doing yoga will be a treat indeed.
Now because lisa works so hard judging I would like you guys to surprise her with something special in her new craft room, you decide what it is.
Customers will love that they can watch tv or listen to music while working out and the gym owners thought it was a great idea to have the towel hooks around for customers.
It could be a nicely decorated area to give her inspiration or anything you think she would enjoy.

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