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Become a pregnant in her life is a greatest happiness in our life because sometime a shohar and biwi are very excited for a child but due to many problems they could not get a child after many effort.
Many time I have seen that a miscarriage will happen during pregnancy and after it many type of problems will occurs to get pregnant again so we can images that how you are feeling for that time but don’t think much because you can use dua for pregnancy miscarriage problems. So many types of problems can be solved by using Islamic duas and if you are facing any such type of issues then don’t worry just concern with us we will help to give you best muslim remedies.
If you need safety for mother with no miscarriage then recite below dua on paper and bind with mother belly for safe pregnancy. If a dangers miscarriage chances over a baby mother then she can use below dua for get remedies for happening such type of obstacles with her. So I want to suggest that if you are not getting pregnant you facing any other problems regarding pregnancy or get protection from happening miscarriage or any other issues concern with us for getting powerful Islamic duas based on your problems, hope insha allah will care your pregnancy and khuda hafiz.
We want to thank you for contacting us through our website and let you know we have received your information. If you are facing pregnancy related problems then don’t need to worry Insha Allah will solve each and every issue of our life. The provision of getting pregnant becomes successful when the newborn baby is a male child.

Inshaallah, in the name of Allah, against the most merciful and powerful who knows everything, make use of our Islamic Dua for conceiving a baby boy can complete their wish of getting baby boy from the womb of the mother. Allah will sure heal our life with happiness to our life for it we have to recite dua for pregnancy from quran in urdu or Arabic as we feels comfort.
Inshaallah all Islamic Dua may accepted (Kabul) by Allah and complete the desires of the needy or hoping persons for something. Male child in any home has more ability and capability than a girl child, and girls will have to go one day to the next (husband’s) home leaving her own father home to live with husband after getting married. When the life partner decided for having a baby, Islamic Duas made from the same time in parallel to pregnancy, it will benefit the mother and the newborn as saving the both life and you will conceive a male child. When we use dua for safe pregnancy and delivery then sure a lady will get pregnant very soon and also you can use some specific dua for successful pregnancy.
So make an Islamic dua for male child during pregnancy following our stepwise method you will guaranteed get a sweet male child as a newborn baby after pregnancy.
If you are facing some problems during pregnancy duration then you can use dua for maintaining pregnancy so your pregnancy will be easy and secure without any problems.
If Islamic Dua carried out in a proper and disciplined manner, then only brings us positive result in the form of male child after pregnancy.

Allah helps everyone, if correct Islamic Dua carried out against Allah in a proper manner with the help or guidance of any molvi saab.
Males are a step ahead than girls in every field always, either talking about power, mind, ability, capability etc. We all know everything is in the hand of Allah, without him a leaf of any tree cannot move.
Here we made an Islamic dua against Allah-tala to give you baby boy as a newborn after pregnancy. As you saw the symptoms of having pregnancy start making dua from our procedure you will definitely get a baby boy as newborn and your happiness will be doubled after giving birth to a male child.

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