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In vivo transfection is transfection that occurs within a living organism, instead of just a group of living cells. Products related to different forms of in vivo transfection are provided by different private companies. The potential for occupational exposure to the esters of acrylic acid (acrylates) is considerable, and, thus, requires a greater understanding of the their toxicity.
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Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. Confluent (70–90%) cultures of normal human epidermal keratinocytes (NHEK), dermal fibroblasts (NHDF), or bronchial epithelium (NHBE) were exposed to the monofunctional ethyl acrylate (EA), the multifunctional tripropylene glycol diacrylate (TPGDA), or TPGDA monomer in a radiation curable lacquer (Lacquer A) at equimolar dosages in order to determine human in vitro cytotoxicity. Viability of the cells after 2–24-h exposure to the representative monofunctional or multifunctional acrylate or solvent control was used to calculate an index of acute cytotoxicity (50% inhibitory dose; ID50) and to determine the shape of the dose-response curves. Sequential exposure of UVA and TPGDA to NHEK indicate the potential for a synergistic cytotoxic response. Chemical structure,Salmonella mutagenicity and extent of carcinogenicity as indicators of genotoxic carcinogenesis among 222 chemicals tested in rodents by the U.S.
B., The disposition and metabolism of acrylic acid and ethyl acrylate in male Sprague-Dawley rats. Potential involvement of free radical reactions in ultraviolet light mediated cutaneous damage.

Toxicology of methyl methacrylate: the rate of disappearance of methyl methacrylate in human blood in vitro. Dermal oncogenicity bioassays of monofunctional and multifunctional acrylates and acrylate-based oligomers. The wavelength dependence of u.v-induced pyrimidine dimer formation, cell killing and mutation induction in human diploid skin fibroblasts. A physiologically based pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic model to describe the oral dosing of rats with ethyl acrylate and its implications for risk assessment. Ethyl acrylate distribution, macromolecular binding, excretion, and metabolism in male Fisher 344 rats. Some chemicals used in plastics and elastomers IARC monographs on the evaluation of the carcinogenic risk of chemicals to humans. Comparison of the sulforhodamine B protein and tetrazolium (MTT) assays for in vitro chemosensitivity testing. Chronic toxicity and oncogenicity bioassay of inhaled ethyl acrylate in Fisher 344 rats and B6C3F1 mice. Genotoxicity of acrylic acid, methyl acrylate, ethyl acrylate, methyl methacrylate, and ethyl methacrylate in L5178Y lymphoma cells. Rapid colorimetric assay for cellular growth and survival: application to proliferation and cytotoxicity assays.
Effects of ultraviolet A and antioxidant defense in cultured fibroblasts and keratinocytes.

Glutathione response after UVA irradiation in mitotic and postmitotic human skin fibroblasts and keratinocytes. Assessment of worker exposure in the processing of ultraviolet radiation-cured acrylate lacquer-coated wood products.
Tripropylene glycol diacrylate but not ethyl acrylate induces skin tumors in a twenty-week short-term tumorigenesis study in Tg. Potentiation of acrylate ester toxicity by prior treatment with the carboxylesterase inhibitor triorthotolyl phosphate (TOTP).
Development of transgenic mouse model for carcinogenesis bioassays: evaluation of chemically induced skin tumors in Tg. The use of short- and medium-term tests for carcinogens and data on genetic effects in carcinogenic hazard evaluation. Disparate antioxidant enzyme activities in cultured human cutaneous fibroblasts, keratinocytes, and melanocytes.

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