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Fats are very essential part of your daily diet and you should consume fats which are beneficial for your baby in the long run.Intake of fats enables development of the eye and brain of the baby. Most of the fans of Kim Kardashian know that she had to deal with pregnancy weight issues after giving birth to her daughter North West with her husband Kanye West. The fitness trainer of Kim, Harley Pasternak spilled beans on her workout routine while talking exclusively to Hollywood Life. Her cardio includes walking in the home (even without chasing North) and she really likes it.
The TV star also uses a Helix Lateral Trainer, which is like a lateral elliptical that’s good for women. The Canadian American trainer has also advised her to not do any exercises for which she has to stay on her back.
In another exclusive chat with Radar Online, the talented trainer has revealed that he has advised the bombshell to modify her diet.
The Keeping Up with the Kardashians (2007-Present) lady is told to avoid foods such as raw fish, cured meats, deli meats, and artificial sweeteners. Well, after going through the fitness routine of Kim Kardashian, we can say that she is really working hard to have a healthy pregnancy.
This is the preliminary stage of pregnancy when expected mothers are needed to take special care of.

The 2nd month pregnancy care contains eating food items also and what should be avoid that time.
He admitted that she spends most of her time chasing North which keeps her heart rate up and gives her body an at-home workout.  She is also not doing any fully fledged exercises and keeping her gym time to a minimum. He also recommends her to stay away from abdominal crunching exercises and sprinting exercises too.
She is also told to eat a lot of fiber as pregnancy vitamins can lead to constipation which can be negated by eating a fiber based diet. If you are also expecting a baby, then you are free to follow all the advice or recommendations of Harley Pasternak as they are quite easy to follow and applies to all women who are in the similar phase of their pregnancy. Learn the earlier pregnancy workout routine of Kim during the first trimester by clicking here.
Eating healthy and vitamin containing food is very essential for pregnant women at the time of 2nd month.
These types of meats are preserved for long period of time and so they carry bacteria which are very much harmful for the baby you are carrying. She is also eating a lot of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, edible skin, edible seeds, wheat berry, milled oats, chia seeds, flax and psyllium seeds. But the extra calories should come from good sources of food like peanut butter and not bad foods like cakes or donuts.

But at the same time you have to know what type of food not to eat for healthy baby delivery.
Fresh fruits are always advantageous as they provide sufficient amount of vitamin to the body. Consumption of fibre decreases your chance of constipation and maintains your blood pressure.
This approach is very good as moving during the pregnancy is vital to have a smooth delivery and quick recovery after the baby is born. The renowned trainer also advised her to avoid bikram yoga and keep her heartbeat lower than 140 per minute even while exercising. In this article we came up with a complete food description about what to eat and what not to eat during 2nd month pregnancy. Though they are tasty but do not carry any protein and so it is better to avoid during the time of pregnancy.

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