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Even with all the pampering and caring you do for your hair, don't forget that many hair products are home to chemicals, which can have adverse effects in the long run. This may have put you in a dilemma, but, were you aware that your kitchen has that one ingredient that can help you get rid of half of your hair problems?
Trishala wishes 'happy birthday' to late granddad Sunil Dutt in the most adorable way possible! 8 beauty tips & tricks every woman needs to know, 8 beauty tips & tricks every woman needs to know. The best mac lipsticks for desi’s – photos & review, Finding the right shades of lipstick for desi skin makeup the best mac lipsticks for desi nilo haq runs two major beauty publications along with makeup.
Before Michelle Phan was a beauty mogul, she was a teen hanging out in her room, trying to figure out how to accentuate cheekbones that didn’t seem to exist. Desi Perkins, a beauty YouTuber with 1.2 million subscribers and ipsy stylist also knows a thing or two about turning a little insecurity into triumph. Desi: If you’re hiding something from yourself and the world and it’s a constant recurring insecurity, then the minute you put it out there and let people know, I feel like you get over the issue yourself—because everyone else already accepts that, ‘ok, this is you’ if they don’t, it’s fine, you move on. Good healthy hair in these times of air pollution is hard to come by and with global warming doing its stuff, the scorching heat doesn't exactly help matters.

But, people put their hair through so much – styling, curling, straightening, colouring, etc. If you've tried everything from trimming to texturizing to oiling and nothing in the world seems to work, then ghee can be your saviour. Although, this is something that most people complain about during winter season, ghee is your best friend during these times. When life gave her babyfat (we’ve all got it!), she made lemonade in the form of makeup tutorials on YouTube and an unprecedented beauty career. You’re sculpting your own beauty and bringing it out so other people can see it and I feel like that’s what makeup is. Its kind of crazy to see that transformation and of how I was able to learn how to contour because of it.
It’s an issue, but when people say, ‘your brows are so amazing,’ I’m actually really proud of it because it was a big insecurity for me. I perfected the mistakes I was making and now doing my brows is literally therapeutic for me. All you have to do is take three tablespoons of ghee and apply it evenly on the split ends.

Once you apply ghee on the hair, you'll need to wash it off with either amla or onion juice.
Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash your hair with rose water to remove the oil from the tresses.
I practiced all the time—especially when Instagram came along—I couldn’t put out a fierce makeup look and have no brows. A lot of girls have the same problem, but I thought, if I can help all those girls—and it was a big insecurity—but now I don’t even care about it because the whole world knows and they see how I can transform them. I fell in love with the art of contouring because I didn’t have any contours in my face because everything was so round.

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