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The sex of a baby is determined by the type of sperm that wins the race and merges with the egg.
Scientific analysis shows that an acidic vaginal environment is most in favourite of X sperm. Consuming a lot of acidic foods can increase the PH levels in the body and in the vaginal fluids.
Sexual intercourse that occurs 72 to 96 hours before ovulation is more likely to lead to a baby girl.
Ovulation timing with a high accuracy rate can be predicted and alerted to you if you sign up to use one of the analysis methods. To increase your chance of having a girl, your partner should try to ejaculate as close to the vaginal entrance as possible. Additionally, the timing of the woman's and man's orgasms are an important factor in determining the sex of the baby.
Your health and the healthy of your baby are two important things to think about when you are pregnant.
While you are pregnant, your doctor or clinic staff will do many tests to ensure you are carrying a healthy baby.
The responsible person for the content of this web site is solely the webmaster of this website, approachable via this form! Gone are the days of guesswork and half-truths, in are the days of proven, quantified methods.
Since babies were first born, people have been trying all kinds of strange things to influence the birth of a boy or girl. Below you'll learn to eat foods to conceive a boy, along with techniques, methods, and even sexual positions that will help influence a male-based conception.
Before we begin, you'll need to understand that it's your male partner's sperm that determines the sex of your baby. Believe it or not, something as simple as the male drinking one to two cups of coffee right before having sex can greatly help the chances of impregnating his partner with a baby boy.
The male sperm will die quicker than their female counterparts, and the more acidic the environment the faster this will happen. To combat this, you need to make your body's internal acidity more of an alkaline place to live. Just as high levels of acidity can destroy sperm, higher temperatures can do the same thing.
Since x-sperm go fast and die sooner, you want to give them the shortest possible distance to the goal.
And the female partner's orgasm has another effect on the overall state of the body, and this effect can help increase chances of having a boy. The advice and tips above are only some of the many, many things you can do to skew the odds in your favor when trying to have a baby boy (or girl). The egg always provides an X chromosome, and sperm may contribute either an X or Y chromosome. The male chromosome (Y) loses it's activity in acidic substances, so X chromosomes have more chances to reach the ovum and fertilize it first. Consumption of foods with high levels of calcium and magnesium, such as green vegetables, in the weeks before conception is likely to result in a girl.
If sexual intercourse happens a few days before ovulation, you will increase your chance of conceiving a baby girl because the weaker Y sperm will not survive until the ovum is released. Mothers and daughters have a very special relationship and every woman wants to have daughter. Studies done over many years and trials conducted amongst many couples have finally unlocked the scientifically proven secrets to choosing the sex of your baby.

From potions and elixirs to crazy herbs and exercises, chances are you've heard a wives' tale or two about how to choose the sex of baby prior to conception.
Shettles' method is one of the primary techniques used by couples when trying to predetermine baby gender. Prior to conception, eating large amounts of salty foods and dairy products can all help out couples wondering how to have a boy baby.
Y-sperm are already fast, but it seems that the extra jolt provided by a higher caffeine level can give those swimmers a turbo boost! This leaves your reproductive canal filled primarily with x-swimmers, meaning that the chances of having a boy at this point are very slim.
You can do this by avoiding spicy or strongly acidic foods, and by eating other more alkaline foods to conceive a boy. Once again, as the weaker male-chromosome sperm die off faster than their female-chromosome partners, the chances of conceiving a girl go WAY up. There are certain sexual positions to conceive a boy, and others that would be better suited for spawning a female baby. During orgasm, the woman's interior muscles contract, pulling the sperm in, moving it closer to the cervix where it begins traveling up the reproductive canal. There are a number of other important natural gender selection methods you can make use of, as well as other foods to conceive a baby boy. If the winning sperm carries an X, then the resulting pair will have to be XX, which means girl. According to scientists, around 82% of women who followed a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and rice in the nine weeks before they plan to conceive to went on to have a girl.
During an orgasm, the walls of woman’s uterus contracts, helping her push the sperm through the cervix.
The last thing you should do, when getting pregnant with a baby, is thinking about the gender of the baby (what to eat to conceive a girl). By taking these specific supplements, you create the right conditions for getting pregnant with a girl.
Whether you're already overwhelmed by beautiful daughters or just want to finally conceive that first male child, the steps you'll find here will teach you exactly how to choose the sex of baby. The natural gender selection techniques you'll find below are just some of the ways you can choose the sex of your baby, whether you want a boy or a girl!
Roughly half of them are male sperm (y-chromosome) and the other half are female (x-chromosome). By charting the during of her menstrual cycles and noting any patterns, a woman could pinpoint the exact date of ovulation.
Faster (y) sperm having less distance to travel through the reproductive tract enormously helps the gender selection boy efforts. Sperm can live inside the womb for up to two to three days (sometimes even more!) and there are a variety of factors that determine how soon they die off. Boxers allow the testicles to hang naturally away from the body, keeping lower seminal temperatures. To know what these are, it's important to remember which sperm are the faster swimmers: the male ones. In order to assure victory, I'd suggest you learn and make use of every single one of these techniques, because the ones above only scratch the surface!
Summer months are considered the most favorable for conceiving a boy, mostly due to statistical data.The longer the days and the more numerous the hours of day light per day, the higher the chances to get pregnant with a male baby, scientists say. This is because of the increase in the levels of calcium and magnesium in the blood stream.
Because this orgasm makes the vaginal environment more alkaline, it favours the Y sperm (boy).

It is not enough to predict ovulations by the day's accuracy, it has to be more accurate. So y-sperm as quick out the gate, but tire quickly and are more susceptible to dying out in a hostile environment.
Shettles suggested that since the male sperm swim faster, having sexual intercourse on that date (or close to it) would greatly increase the chances of having a boy baby. Slower by stronger (x) sperm swimming for longer distances allows for better odds of conceiving a girl.
Eating higher amounts of grains or cereals helps also, as does eating a greater than normal amount of calories overall. Briefs allow the testicles to be hugged tightly to the body, enveloping them in warmth that could kill off hoards of male sperm. There are others too, but the ones conductive to creating a boy will always be the ones where the sperm has the shortest possible distance to the egg.
While this theory isn’t really supported by scientific evidence, statistics do show that more baby boys are conceived during summer, so there may be some kind of explanation for this.
So to favour to the X sperm (girl), the woman should not orgasm during the sexual intercourse.
This techniques uses the age of the mother and the month the couple wants to conceive a baby. The further away from this date intercourse occurred, the higher the chances of conceiving a girl. And finally, the better supplied your body is with daily vitamins and minerals, the greater the chances of a male baby. The mother's age is determined with lunar calendars, (tips on how to conceive a girl) so that is crucial to know. If a couple is having intercourse just to conceive a girl, then it is not a good sign for the couple. Use these gender selection pregnancy tips and tricks to tilt the dietary scale in your favor. Thus, by adopting a position that places sperm nearer to the entry of the fallopian tubes, chances for male sperm to reach the ovules before female sperm does are greater, and this means the chances of having a male baby are also higher.How To Make Sure You Have A Baby Boy By Watching Outdoor TemperatureAnother interesting theory about the best time to conceive a boy says the most appropriate moment is somewhere between September and November, when the outside temperature is around 55 degrees F or 12 degrees C.
If a woman could predict her ovulations and conceive a baby at the right time, then it might work.
When you are planning some kind of a romantic evening, take into account the fertility cycle. Again, there’s no scientific evidence for this, just statistical data obtained after analyzing a very large number of pregnancies and births.But even without a strong scientific argument behind it, this theory is worth being tried if there’s even a little chance for it to increase your chances of getting pregnant with a baby boy. The idea is to give birth to a baby when the conditions are right and just hope for the best.
Obviously, if you leave in a region where temperatures are lower, any month of the year that brings the mentioned temperature is good for trying to have a male baby.How To Conceive A Boy Naturally By Eating AlmondsNext tip on our list of recommendations on how to conceive a boy naturally refers to eating more almonds.
Click Here to Discover How You Can Make Sure Your Next Child Is A BoyHow To Have A Baby Boy By Eating Foods Rich In ZincYou can also try eating more poultry, nuts and beans, seeds and red meat, if you’re looking for natural and convenient solutions to how to have a baby boy. These foods, just like the previously mentioned ones, are very rich in ingredients known to favor the traveling and survival of male sperm over female sperm.The most important ingredient in these products in zinc, mineral which is needed in high amounts for ensuring a healthy reproductive system, as well as for improving the quality of sperm. It’s been proven several times that female sperm survives better in acidic environments, while male sperm in alkaline environments, so if you want to have a baby boy, you should start eating more products that can alkalinize your body.You can also try to alkalinize the vaginal tract by douching with water mixed with baking soda right before having sex.
To prepare this water, add half ounce of baking soda in the bath and sit for a couple of minutes, to allow for the alkaline ingredients to act on your body.

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