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After a shooting, once the dust has settled, and the initial shock and panic has abated somewhat, fearful minds begin to cast about for explanations. BrunchNews connects you to the latest and trending news from the best news websites around the world.
Beachlife apparently feels that my concern about the policing of pregnant (and even potentially pregnant) bodies is equivalent to celebrating and heartily condoning FAS. I would have Googled but I didn't think it would be safe to search for "Tila Tequila's boobs" at work.
I think you could just google her name, since she's pretty much always dressed that way so they're visible in most pictures of her. I got a kick out of seeing bthyb post the picture followed immediately by "Are you kidding me? Perhaps someone got bisexual (which she is, according to the reality show she was in anyway) with transsexual somewhere along the line?
TMZ or someone, I wasn't paying attention when I saw the link elsewhere, posted pictures of her within the past couple of days shopping in a grocery store in a practically non-existent dress, shoving a watermelon under the skirt like she was pregnant (is, was, whatever in this case). Please tell me someone pulled a post, because I'm totally confused about who introduced the topic of FAS.
A car stopped, I got in and started a conversation with two other hitch-hikers who were headed for Santa Barbara. One full days work picking lemons only got me a few dollars and lots of scratches on my arms and hands. Our most exciting time together was a trip to Ventura to see the porno flick "Deep Throat", when it was first released. We would neck heavily, and got to the point where we would get into my bed and pet in the nude.
Most of the men who frequented "Moms" would drink too much and then treat the girls like animals.
The girls lived in apartments in a building behind the bar where they could also entertain the men. My mother, father, sister, and I were living in the maids quarters above the garage behind my grandfathers' house. There was a little girl who loved to play doctor with me at a construction site near the Fern Rock Station.

The school had no lunch room, so we brought sack lunches from home and would file into a classroom to eat. She told me to come to the back of the room to look at a piece of baloney that was on the floor. Another experience I had while in the care of the sisters of Saint Helinas' School is etched deeply in my mind. My mother explained to me that this girl wanted to get pregnant by me, and then, I would have to marry her. I'd attempted it, using a condom, with my girlfriend Sandy, in the back seat of my first car, a 1955 Plymouth.
The best I could do was get only half-way in, which wasn't enough for us to enjoy ourselves. The only other experience was in the back seat of my Plymouth, just after graduation from high school.
My first experience in the Philippines was with a prostitute from one of the "barrio bars". We took the Navy shuttle bus into town and he introduced me to Sabrina, who was quite a bit older than I.
I was happy just hanging out at "Moms' Place" and occasionally having girls ask me to have sex with them. I was relieved, even though I was sort of interested to know what being a father would feel like. I went out to the waiting room expecting my promised ride to be there, but had to hitch a ride home!
I met a girl on the street and invited her to come over to my apartment later in the evening.
A man came in with his wife and asked me to come into the theater for a moment and sit with them.
The boss brought a prostitute into the theater and said that he was going to make her available to customers. The police came into the theater a couple of days later and arrested the boss for soliciting. Suspecting more "foul play", I had earlier made copies of the business logs and took them to the Department of Labor.

When I returned to Santa Barbara there was a nice check for "back pay" waiting for me from Nevada.
When I arrived I got a room at the Winnemucca Hotel and a job at the "Star Casino" as a prep-cook. Carlos Morales had bought the casino and was in the process of cleaning it out prior to reopening.
We were exploring some of the old placer mines too, going down into them and taking samples.
Occasionally I'd do a little gambling, but, I stayed away from the fast games like blackjack which could "snow" me.
I wasn't fired though, and in a few days, I had some bristle coming out and didn't look too bad. And next time the photoshopper should at least use a picture that doesn't have a pattern that's easy to match up.
Unless I'm totally missing it, she's not holding a drink here (I see what appears to be a clutch purse but nothing else), and I think the source of outrage in the OP was her supposedly being very thin whilst pregnant, thereby possibly malnourishing the fetus. The first time I saw a picture of her my immediate involuntary response was pity and concern. Whomever it was, I can understand the confusion, since her freaking name is an alcoholic beverage.
Whatever-- if she is that thin, she probably isn't a good candidate for IUI, or any kind of facilitated conception, which is to say, a doctor at a clinic would tell her to get to a healthy BMI before he'd attempt implantation. She's claimed via Twitter that she is a surrogate for her brother and that rapper The Game is the father. If she's going to try to get pregnant turkey-baster fashion (what a Lesbian couple I know refers to as "the old-fashioned way"), good luck, because women with very low body fat are often infertile, temporarily, at any rate.
I would think someone who went to extreme measures not to, like diet pills, vomiting, I shudder just thinking-- would almost certainly have a miscarriage.

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