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Now a day’s in this computer world, it seems life became very easy, with handful of money, but there’s a word which makes you So happy rather than filling your bank account with millions and Trillions, that is nothing but “You became a Father”, of course this lines make every one so happy, but the universal truth is “It will take 9 months to enter into their own life and even to see the world”. There were several circumstances and problems between us in order to give a birth to a baby. Let’s go with the below to share and express our self in order to know method’s and Tips for a couple having a good ,healthy, happy and sexual life.
The main problem arising at the time of planning is sperm count, in order to know how much the count should be and what are the factors causes this problem and how we need to go with increasing this for planning a safe sexual life.
Here are the steps to prevent this problem by increasing your sperm fertility, and to set a seed to give your child a nice journey. In order to give a gift to your wife, first of all you should be fit enough to take part in Sex and you should control your weight by doing some basic exercises and work out’s. In order to improve your fertility, take a juice of half a lemon in a mug of hot water daily. Take an egg daily in the morning which contains a full spectrum of amino acids, helping to stimulate sperm production. Take fruits which acts as “All-round fertility booster”, particularly pomegranate which helps to increase your blood flow and keep your sperm healthy. Finally have a look and go through all the above and try to have a safe and healthy sex rather than “More”. If the cause is found to be hormonal imbalance then take medicines to cure hormonal imbalance issues. Take nutritional supplements which are clinically proven and prescribed by the doctors to cure any deficiency. Men have some biological factors they experience and it affects their fertility later in life.
So older men who try for a baby should first go thorough checkup and take proper treatment. Apart from medications and treatment the couples should engage in sexual activity for conception. Men who are concerned about chemicals should ask their higher authority a sheet copy of business’s MSDS which means Material Safety Data Sheet.
Infertility evaluations have traditionally focused on women because they tend to take gynecological care but men are careless about their health and they are reluctant to seek advice.
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The best tip on getting pregnant is: follow a healthy lifestyle, know how your body works and actively try to conceive.
It is true that an abusive lifestyle could diminish both a woman’s and a man’s fertility and increase the chances of birth defects.
If, after a number of years of actively trying for a baby, you still have not achieved pregnancy, despite the healthiest lifestyle, there might be other methods you could try. Ovulation is the discharge of a mature egg from a follicle developed inside the ovary into the fallopian tubes. Also known as the Stein-Leventhal syndrome, the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS affects around 4%-7% of women and it's the most common cause of infertility in women. In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is a medical procedure for collecting eggs, maturing them (if necessary) and fertilising them in vitro. You should not be more weight which hurts you with dissatisfaction at the time of involvement. There are medicines available to treat infertility and can be used by consulting a physician. There is a decline in testosterone levels for men over 50 and it affects their sperm production and its function. They should avoid all the habits that affect the sperm and stick to things that are good for their sexual life. But one should understand the fact that it normal in everyone’s life and should find a way to overcome it. If you notice a slight change in your bodily function or change in your sexual activity you should know that it is time to watch out. In olden days men and women wore loose garments but now it has become a fashion to go for tight fitting clothes. Fertility can be a tricky thing and fertility clinics receive many "help me get pregnant" requests and requests for tips on how to conceive. Lifestyle choices can, and do, influence our chances of conception and giving birth to a healthy, properly developed baby.
Among the PCOS symptoms, the usual ones are irregular cycles, lack of ovulation or oligoovulation (irregular ovulation), prolonged period of premenstrual symptoms, such as bloating, mood swings, pelvic pain, backaches etc and excessive androgen (masculinizing) hormones, leading to excessive hair grow, male pattern baldness or male pattern obesity (central obesity). The fertilized egg (eggs), also called an embryo, is then implanted into the uterus where it is expected to stick to wall of the uterus and develop into a fetus. It is advisable to talk to the partner and get intimate as a mind and soul connection is required between partners.

A report by the American Society for Reproductive Medicines states that exposure to certain toxins at work such as those used in printing and dry cleaning, heavy metals in industrial jobs, pesticides used in agricultural fields affects the reproductive function in men. Try to come out of it and seek advice before the real test during the later part of life begins. When it comes to health and nutrition, nearly every choice we make is related to conception. BabyWonderland has a very accurate Ovulation Calendar that helps you know better how your body functions. The procedure is quite common, but, obviously, it can't guarantee the success of the pregnancy, for various reasons, some of them related to the woman's physical capability to bear a full term pregnancy.
A research says that only half of couples who are trying to become pregnant achieve pregnancy easily and quickly. If we let all the stress and outside pressure affect us, it will have a direct effect on the hormones.
If a wife find her partner to be stressed out of something, it is good if she talks to him and find out the matter and take measures to help him get rid of the problem. Keep the place where you live clean by avoiding chemicals that affects the hormones of the body.
Once released, the egg can be fertilised for 12 to 48 hours before it begins to disintegrate and lose its fertilising capability.
The BabyWonderland Ovulation Calendar can help you get pregnant by calculating your fertile days and your menstruation days month by month.
The most fertile days of your cycle are the two days following the day of release of the egg.
Apart from the body function it affects the sexual life and spoils the happiness a couple could get. Our Basal Body Temperature fertility chart is also a highly accurate and sophisticated tool to monitor the symptoms your body shows at fertile and non-fertile peaks. The BabyWonderland Ovulation Calendar can help you calculate accurately your most fertile days every month by locating the day of egg release.

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