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GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has come under fire for his comment that human life begins at implantation, not fertilization.
By contrast, hard-core abortion supporters tend to view pregnancy as an egregious invasion of women’s bodies. When an abortion advocate engages you on the topic of when pregnancy begins, recognize it as a side issue and redirect the conversation to the core question: when human life begins.

Moreover, due to limitations in the current state of medical technology, most women do not become aware of their pregnancies until weeks after both fertilization and implantation have taken place, making it a moot point in the context of abortion. From this perspective, it seems bizarre to claim that a woman can be carrying a genetically distinct human being in her womb, yet not be pregnant.
When pregnancy is viewed as an invasion rather than a natural part of life, it’s no wonder that abortion advocates define pregnancy as beginning at implantation.

Nevertheless, it is an interesting debate, because it serves as a proxy for pro- and anti-abortion attitudes about pregnancy.

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