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Awesome!  I agree with Ndigo - this definitely helps with visualization!  Thanks for sharing! It also is a good reference for understanding why so many of the "symptoms" we feel in the TWW are really nothing more than progesterone (which occurs in the body after ovulation, regardless of whether or not you will become pregnant). This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. When you’re writing love notes on Facebook as a parent, suddenly the love can be about so much more stuff that no one wants to hear about.
Conception anniversaries started becoming popular non-holidays a couple of years ago, and they’ve really ramped up on social media since then. The last one seems like it could be okay… If they’ve been having problems conceiving?? No, because I am positive that if she does not get pregnant from this one try that she’d be the type of person to now get mad when people ask her about it. Oh come on, there has to be at least one of these crazy things posted here that’s been taken out of context in some ridiculous way so that the people seem bat shit when they’re actually quite normal! Ugh, this reminds me of the day my cousin and his wife announced they were expecting and then also announced that they conceived right after leaving my wedding.
My friend is Russian and was born there at a time which points to her conception at exactly the time the Soviet Union fell. Ugh, I was conceived on D-day which, that particular year, was also the day my now husband turned 6. For my parents it was an infamous Halloween Bunco party with my parents and all their friends (with whom they are STILL friends with thirty years later). I’m not comfortable discussing my sex life with anyone other than my husband and we both appreciate that neither of us do.
I can’t think of a single friend I have on my Facebook list (well, except for my husband) whose sex life I remotely care about. Most common question I have been getting asked since starting to tell people about my pregnancy?

To me it seems an extremely rude and inappropriate, but I could be in the minority on that? I understand that y’all need to make money to remain on the web, but PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAKE THIS MIRACLE WHIP AD STOP!
Wow, I would NEVER (nevaeh) announce anything having to do with my husband’s anus on Facebook.
It’s coming to that time of year again when we start to think about how we celebrate what has been an amazing year. Nomination requests should be coming your way soon but in the mean time, save the date for what is set to be our best Student Group Awards night yet! Until that blastocyte implants, there is no change in hormones in your body, so try not to put too much stock in the "symptoms" you feel -- or don't feel -- early in the TWW. You'll receive an email anytime a news article is published on this website, keeping you informed and up to date. Where else can you unassumingly congratulate yourself for conceiving a baby than on Facebook? All she did was announce that they just got back from vacation with the SO, and yes they had unprotected sex while on vacation. Seriously,the entire family doesn’t need to know when and where the conception took place.
I’m saving it in my back pocket for the next time it comes around to my feed–thanks! The only thing I really need to know in regards to their pregnancies is when they’re due, so I can buy a present.
I just can’t understand why anyone would think it was their business if our baby was planned or not.
It resulted in some awkward conversations and I hope they figured out it’s not necessarily the most appropriate question to ask. When my friend told me about her pregnancy I never even thought of asking her if the baby was planned or not.

Also, note we will be extending the number of tickets available for each group so please pass this message onto your executive team and active members. This is to remind you that, as usual, the C10 A Campus Hub lockers will be unavailable to students on Conception Day, Friday October 11th. It was only far later, when talking about some of the sewing techniques, that the math clicked for me. But, when we didn’t tell anyone we were trying, everyone assumed that our baby was an oops, which was its own brand of annoying. Please do not leave anything that you will need in the Student Group lockers because you will not be able to access them. I'm going to bookmark the link, but I also think it would be great if we could make it "sticky" so it stays on the page for everyone to see as a reference.
And those things translate into the kind of intimacy that truly doesn’t belong on social media. As awesome as I think they and their husband or wife are, I have no desire to imagine them having sex and the EXACT moment they concieved little Pwecious.
I tend to keep that stuff private, even in spite of the fact that it’s become extremely common for couples to profess their love for each other online. That said, there’s a difference between public love notes written by kid-free couples and notes that are written by parents. They’re all equally annoying, in my opinion, but parents have a leg up on the TMI updates due to all things love + baby.

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