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Even though I didn’t really have high hopes, because it’s yet another financial institution, and also because I’ve been hoping for the Cisco job offer, when I found out what the terms of this job are, I was giddy with excitement.
The nurse said the results will be in on Friday, after 10am, so I guess I don’t have too long to wait? January 17th, 2013 I am officially 13 weeks pregnant today, and now officially in my 2nd trimester! Early in her 20s, Nengi* made some decisions that led her to having babies for two different men. You might consider her option of tying her tubes extreme, when she could have just stayed off men. So, they waited, but, just as she had suspected, she ended up not marrying her second baby daddy, and that was when she swore off men., and took the drastic step to tie her fallopian tubes. For close to ten years, she was committed to her kids and her career, until, quite unexpectedly, she met the man she eventually married, who accepted her children as though they were his. Nengi and her husband went back to the doctor, and they checked her out, it was true, the reversal surgery had been successful; there was now a nice long stretch of tubes, which should work well.
Some months down the line, before the next doctor’??s appointment, she got a positive pregnancy test result, when she suspected that she might be pregnant and indeed, she was. However, that miscarriage made her doctors take a closer look at other factors, such as her age, that might be contributing to her infertility. They had another miscarriage after that first one, despite adhering to every advice of the doctor. For Denise*, she waited for five years after her tubal ligation surgery before she got her baby. In the end, she had a reversal surgery but contrary to their expectation, no baby came immediately. By the time, it was almost five years after the surgery and they had almost give up on having another baby. Fertility doctors admit that when a tubal ligation reversal surgery is done, the conception chances of a woman are not the as same as prior the original surgery. And the factors that determine if natural conception would be viable include current conditions of the tubes, other pelvic conditions like endometriosis, scar tissue, female egg and egg quantity and quality. Tubal ligation or not, we pray Nengi gets her baby soon…if for nothing, to compensate her for staying off men for so many years, choosing to wait for the man was worthy of her. Oluwakemi is a member of The Fertile Chick family, and she is a writer, dreamer and mother of two sets of twins. Ify* had had a tumultuous short-lived first marriage, which ended because of her former husband’s inclination to violence and wife-battery, which had made her miscarry 2 pregnancies. Another thing that really grates on my skin, is society’s penchant to immediately forgive these erring men, especially if their wives have not given them children yet. 25th March, 2010 The last two nights with Chidera have been a mixed bag…with good, and not-so-good times. Nicole, a friend told my husband to get me pregnant else I will continue to dress well and not think of having babies, can u imagine that.
Secondly, I get to work only 3 days a week, with the other 2 being with the option of working from home.
Javier forgot, so I left him in bed, and went by myself…so he’s feeling a bit guilty at the moment. To be honest, I don’t really know what I’m expecting, or what the doctor can do? It was not intentional, but when she realized that neither of the men was marriage material, she decided to tie her fallopian tubes, face her career and stay off men.
Knowing she was with the right person, she had reversal surgery done on her tubes, and the doctors told her it was successful. Nengi was now in her mid 30s and had significant uterine scar tissue from the previous surgeries, which could have contributed to the chemical pregnancy.

Notwithstanding, they have not given up hope, as they are still expecting some sort of miracle to happen before they look in the direction of assisted reproduction, to see if it will favour them. She and her husband had decided on two kids, and within the space of five years, they were done with child bearing.
It took two years for Denise to conceive at all after the reversal surgery, and then it ended in a miscarriage. On the other hand, doctors also put forward, the option of IVF, as another route to getting baby on board.
She is passionate about issues that concern women, and does not shy away from airing her views.
The timing, the stress, the disappointment, and the pressure can be quite a lot for any couple to bear. But as stressful as this is, knowing you are doing it as a team can be all the couple needs to continue forging along. My friend, Agatha*, was still recovering from yet another laparoscopy when she got a call from a woman, claiming to have accompanied her husband on a recent trip out of town. Another friend of mine, Lola* didn’t get a phone call from a mistress, but watched as her husband, Val*, grew more and more distant. Her formerly loving and attentive husband, who treated her like the apple of his eye, turned into a hostile stranger, after 7 years of TTC.
Two years later, she married Kola*, and everyone was so happy that she had finally met the love of her life. I was told the story of a lady called Irene*, who found out that her husband had impregnated another woman.
I, for one, have been extremely lucky, and blessed, with a wonderful man…who has stood by me through thick and thin. Lastly, the start date is at the end of the August…so that actually gives me the rest of the summer off! If the test comes out normal, that will be great, because it will mean I should be able to sustain a pregnancy, without meds, but it also means that I have to put up with horrible spotting!!
She fell pregnant with her first daughter when she was barely 20 years old, and decided to keep it, even though the man responsible showed little or no interest, but because of her faith, she decided against an abortion. When she got into a relationship with another guy a few years later, he turned out to be just like her last baby daddy.
But six months down the line, she had not gotten pregnant, and that was the start of her worry. But on doing the blood work to confirm the pregnancy, a week later, her hCG levels were not rising as would be expected of a pregnant woman. But after losing one of their children to a terminal disease, they were pushed back into trying for another child.
And if the couple is still trying to conceive (TTC) their first child, that is adding hot pepper to the open, seeping wound. The stress and heartbreak can serve to even bond them even more, as they are as vulnerable to each other as they could ever be. She went into enough explicit detail, for my friend to know she was probably saying the truth.
He latched on to every, and any, opportunity to attack her for their situation, and called her all sorts of ugly names. She stormed off to her report him to her Parents-in-law…and got the shock of her life. Some of the most common excuses I have heard is that the process is too stressful, their wives have changed, sex has become routine and uninteresting, or, and this is the worst one, because they want to have kids, with or without this barren woman!
When I get home, I will have a chat with Javier, so we can decide when should be the best time to resign my current crap job. I was so worried that he would advice me to stay until the new job starts, at the end of summer. She was a fighter, and was born a healthy baby girl, with a healthy appetite an equally healthy set of lungs, if her piercing cry was anything to go by.

Together, they have hit rock bottom, and they continue to help each other up as they to strive towards that . The irony of it all was that she was the one who already had a child from a previous relationship. After a few IVF cycles, Kola’s grumbles, which started as small murmurings but had now become diatribes, were what she fell asleep listening to, and woke up hearing. Not only where they well aware of the other woman, they were in full support of the pregnancy, and told her in clear terms that she should either take it or leave it. For me, not only are these extremely selfish answers, none of these is a justified reason to break the heart of this woman you are supposed to love so much. The story transforms into a case of how she was too busy to give her husband a baby, and how it serves her right. And I know there are a number of other wonderful men who will not step out of line from their position as your number 1 support and the person you can most rely on. But on the contrary, he actually told me he’s noticed how miserable I am at the job, and the sooner I can leave, the better!
In the end, she got pregnant for him too, and before she gave birth, he had started to show his true colours, amidst weak promises to marry her after she had the birth. They struggled with the feeling that the new baby would merely be a replacement baby for their lost child, and also had to deal with the fact that her tubes had been tied.
By the time her husband got home, Agatha had packed all his things in boxes, in an absolute rage.
He grumbled relentlessly about how much they had spent on these cycles, and how he didn’t sign up for this.
Well, she decided to take it, and is now forced to play host to the baby mama, when she visits with her toddler son. Whilst there is some truth to the fact that TTC does put considerable strain on a marriage, anyone who is not strong enough to work through this added pressure or strain, has no reason even TTC’ing in the first place, or striving to be a parent. Case in point is the recent story involving the marriage breakdown of Toke Makinwa & Maje Ayida.
Without any recourse to her feelings or dignity, he proceeded to recklessly pursue other women.
If the slightest indication of pressure makes your partnerA opt for an easy way out and run for the hills, then you mightA be well better off without this person. In both cases, Toke and Jennifer were accused of putting career over family, and being too ambitious. For the next few weeks, any time she remembered, she would lash out at him like a wounded animal.
The only thing is that he didn’t want her forgiveness, in fact he seemed almost relieved that she had found out. He left condoms littered around the house, and had loud, flirtatious phone conversations, even when she was within earshot. She told me how she emptied a bucket of water on him as he slept, smashed to pieces his expensive phone, scratched him till she inflicted deep marks on his arm, and constantly hurled verbal abuse at him. After months counselling, they were finally on the mend, and were able to put the incident behind them.
Unfortunately, however, the harm had already been done, and their relationship was irretrievably broken.
Lola found it impossible to get over the betrayal, and no longer saw Val as the man she would want to father her children, when they eventually came.

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