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You play as Wake Archus, a teenage boy who not only has the tragic backstory of losing his sister on her wedding day to a bunch of demons, but also bears the mark of the Star God on his hand. As I’m sure anyone who has played Conception 2 will point out, there are some similarities to the Persona series. Tutorials and guides help you get a better understanding on the mechanics of Conception 2 in the beginning of the game and you can always revisit them via the menu.
Which brings us to the star child creation process, a feature that I have mixed feelings on. Now on to the part of classmating that I feel will put off a few potential players, the animation sequence during the ritual appears to be pretty sexual. Ellie has short green hair and wears a headband with purple rabbit ears and a star attached to the left. Ellie acts head-on when it comes to having to work hard in labyrinths, often stating she'll do fine beyond her limit. Over the next few years, she stayed within the metropolis of Shelgard on the main continent. Her Japanese voice actress is the same as in "The Legend of Heroes:Trails of Cold Steel"s "Laura S Arseid" and in Tales of Xillia 2's Elle Mel Mata. As he joins up with two fellow disciples on their way to the Academy, they get their first taste of fighting the monsters threatening the world as well as learning just what rank they are. You get to team up with a varied cast of characters and work towards sealing dusk circles so that no monsters can spawn and wreck havoc in the world. Both are set within a school setting and have a dating sim feature incorporated as well as other gameplay mechanics. I enjoyed working on building up the relationships with each female classmate and thought it was great for each to follow their own storyline that still tied into the main one (though some more loosely than others).
Though no actual nudity is shown, Spike Chunsoft pushes it with using 3D outlines of the female classmates that show off the curves and breast sizes in positions that range from not-so-risque to quite obvious sexual positions.
They can range from anything like killing X number of a certain monster or collecting an item in a dungeon to access better equipment.
She is available when the game begins, and is the second heroine that meets the Main Character at Fort City. Although, she is particularly mysterious; since whenever a conversation came across with her and God's Gift, she'd usually remark how it's good to see him again, with the suggestion they met in the past.

But those who are expecting this to be a sort of handheld Persona clone will be disappointed. Including the main character and heroine of choice, you can have a total of eleven party members on the field.
You are given a limited number of actions to use per day, so to say, which means you have to choose which girl you want to talk to. Even fighting the boss(es) for the dungeons is a quest that gives your female classmates better weapons. She often acts clumsy, and is easily flustered when praised or if any type of affection is given to her.
On one of his errands, the Main Character found Ellie bleeding out in a sandbox in the park.
Being God’s Gift nets Wake the ability to be classmates with the top seven female students as well as the chance to explore the dusk circles to seal the dangerous enemies lurking inside. Of course, there are also some groan-inducing moments in which subtle innuendos aren’t so subtle.
Though the similarities are there, Conception 2 does not feel like it could be even a spin-off for the Persona series. You might think that this would make the actual battles seem cluttered but with the way teams are set up, it works out fairly easy. You can only accept a limited number of quests at a time so it is always a good idea to pick and choose when to take on these tasks.
She has a fondness of God's Gift and looks up to him, wishing that he will return the feelings which gives her the obsession of trying to appear cute.
Ellie was dying because she couldn't contain the massive amounts of Star Energy in her body. Her main weapon is named Peacemaker, which is later upgraded with the Supernova Superchip to become Thanatos.
She wields a staff-like weapon with a huge paddle on one end which blasts out energy from its center. An example of this is when Chlotz claimed that Ellie had a 'little sister aura' and if God's Gift agrees, she'd excitedly cheer. However, thanks to the Main Character's ridiculous amounts of Ether, her Star Energy stabilized, bringing her back from the brink of death.

Could creating children to help your character in his goal to eradicate the perils of Dusk Circles be just some flash-in-the-pan gimmick, or does it give Conception 2 that edge to be a must-play for either the PlayStation Vita or Nintendo 3DS? If you don’t have enough star children to fill out a team, you cannot create a team until you do. While I have no problem with the occasional remark or comment, I felt as if the game went overboard at times.
I spent a good deal of the regular encounters with the auto-battle setting turned on, but still needed to control the actions of my party for some of the later boss fights. She was given a choice; either have her Star Energy sealed, or risk the Star Energy going out of control again. The Church eventually discovered Heretics within Fort City, and Ellie received her Star Brand. Once your levels get higher and you go through some of the first dungeons accessible to you, monsters that appear on the floor can be taken out just by running into them. She chose to have her Star Energy sealed, and hoped to again meet the boy that saved her life.
She was excited by this, as it might offer her the opportunity to meet the boy who saved her life. Monsters litter the dungeon floors and their threat level can be determined by the shape and color of the odd-looking shadowy figures. Stats and max level for created star children are based on the affection level and current level of the female classmate used. The darker, more simple looking monsters are low threats while the more brighter red shaded ones can pose a threat if you’re not prepared.
However, it is possible to create a Genius star child that has some slightly higher than usual stats as well as the ability to level up to 99.
But don’t make plans of creating nothing but Genius children, as they are quite rare.

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