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Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising. An Australian-led study has found a way to preserve a woman’s ovaries if she’s being treated with chemotherapy for cancer. A monthly injection into the ovaries puts the organ in “hibernation” disrupting a woman’s hormonal system. The Goserelin injection doubles a cancer patient’s chances of naturally conceiving after chemotherapy and reduces the risk of early onset menopause. The study’s leader, Professor Kelly-Anne Phillips of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Victoria, is in Chicago to present the findings at a meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.
She says only 8% of participants who received the treatment experienced early menopause after chemotherapy, compared with 22% of women who received a placebo injection.
A woman told she was infertile after undergoing gruelling cancer treatment has spoken of her joy at giving birth to a baby boy. Doctors told Cara Newton, 32, from Fleet, Hampshire, she had a zero per cent chance of conceiving naturally after being diagnosed with bone cancer in 2009. While Mrs Newton and her husband, Chris, 34, were relieved that chemotherapy had worked, they were devastated to be told they would never have a family of their own. Cara Newton, 32 (with husband Chris), was told she had a zero per cent chance of conceiving naturally after being diagnosed with bone cancer in 2009.

Mrs Newton was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma - a rare type of bone cancer - in April 2009. Then 10 months later, to their utter surprise, Mrs Newton became pregnant naturally with baby Sebastian, who was born last April.
She said: 'I was heartbroken when doctors told me I had zero chance of ever becoming a mum. She had become concerned after suffering from pain in her leg - something she first thought was a pulled a muscle. During surgery, Mrs Newton had 13cm of bone removed from her femur, which was replaced with a metal internal prosthesis. She said: 'I ended up in intensive care a couple of times as the chemotherapy made me so ill that my body couldn't cope with the treatment.
But the gruelling treatment Mrs Newton had undergone severely hindered their chance of conceiving. Mrs Newton has also been supported throughout her illness by the Bone Cancer Research Trust.
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When his sister was told she had cancer - just a few months after the 41-year-old found out she was pregnant - he said there was no doubt in her mind about the decision she was going to make when doctors told her she had to choose between her child and chemotherapy. And when Dottie Mae grows up, how will Mr Phillips explain his sister's ultimate sacrifice?
Stacie's obituary on the Dudley Funeral Homes website reads: 'Dottie Mae was the light of her life and her greatest accomplishment. This means a woman can no longer get pregnant and may have symptoms of the menopause, as Mrs Newton did. Even though the baby wouldn't biologically be mine, at least I would experience pregnancy and we would become parents.''When it failed I was gutted, but just months later I fell pregnant naturally, it was a dream come true. She chose to give this baby life instead of taking treatment for herself.' Dottie Mae now lives with Ray, his wife Jennifer and their four children in their Oklahoma City home 'I think she's a miracle. I am a blogger that will be inspiring you and I about Life, Fashion, Lifestyle, Discoveries and much more!

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