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100% commitment free, no contracts or paperwork to fill in and you can cancel at any time for complete peace of mind. Conceive Plus Fertility lubricant 3x4gm - pH and electrolyte balanced this sperm friendly lubricant is designed for couples trying to get pregnant.
Conceive Plus Fertility Luibricant 3x4g Applicators - A fertility lubricant formulated for positive results and clinically tested making it sperm friendly.

Conceive plus® e um lubrificante vaginal indicado para as situacoes de secura vaginal e para mulheres que querem engravidar.
O gel conceive plus® deve ser aplicado na regiao genital antes ou depois das relacoes sexuais.
O conceive plus® pode ser aplicado atraves de aplicador, outra apresentacao comercial, a mulher deve introduzir a canula do aplicador na vagina e apertar a bisnaga.
A mulher ao iniciar um anticoncepcional, apos conselho medico, espera que ele comece logo a fazer efeito.
Pequeno bastonete que se introduz debaixo da pele, atraves de procedimento cirurgico efetuado com anestesia. It supports fertility naturally and contains calcium and magnesium ions which have been shown to be essential in the fertilization process.

Os estudos revelam que conceive plus® pode contribuir para a maior mobilidade dos espermatozoides aumentando dessa forma as hipoteses de fecundacao. Since our main sources for information are registers and documents created by others, we have limited control of how the information is retrieved or selected.
Due to the subjective nature of this field, we cannot guarantee that they are always correct. Our responsibility for damage due to our services are limited to reimbursement of the charges for our services.

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