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The placenta is a structure which facilitates the proper development of the fetus in the uterus. This structure which connects the fetus to the uterine wall also facilitates gas exchange and elimination of waste with the blood of the mother.
Having problems with the placenta reduces the chances of having a healthy pregnancy and also hinders the proper development of the baby.
Placental abruption which is otherwise known as abruptio placentae is a condition in which the placenta separates from the wall of the uterus. Women who have previously had babies of low birth weight and who have conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure are prone to have placental insufficiency. Placenta previa is a condition in which the placenta attaches at a lower position in the uterus and covers the cervix in a complete or partial manner. Pregnant Moms Told To Eat Chocolate to Reduce Chances of Pre-eclampsia : Growing Your Baby Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! It is through the placenta that the developing fetus in the uterus receives its share of nutrients. Sometimes, pregnant women may develop certain problems with the placenta during the course of their pregnancy. This extremely dangerous condition which occurs during the third trimester, can affect the health of both the mother and the fetus.

Pregnant women having high blood pressure and diabetes are very prone to develop this condition.
In such a condition, the fetus fails to receive proper nutrients and the removal of baby’s waste will also be hindered.If the uterus of the pregnant woman is found to be small for her gestational age, then it can be considered as a sign of placental insufficiency. The fetus will exhibit poor weight gain and will have a very high chance of being delivered by a C section. Women who have umbilical cord defects and those who have the habits of smoking and alcohol consumption are also at a high risk of developing this condition.Women having these conditions should be extra careful and need to be monitored very closely.
The age of the mother, usage of drugs during pregnancy and multiple pregnancies are the other risk factors of placental abruption.The most common symptom of placental abruption is heavy bleeding. If the abruption is not severe and the woman is very close to her due date, then the physician will place the woman under close monitoring and will advise bed rest.
At times placental insufficiency can also bring about IUGR( Intra Uterine Growth Retardation).
In order to prevent placental insufficiency it is necessary that the pregnant woman have folate supplements and have a well balanced diet. Women having placenta previa are prone to have placental abruption and may go into preterm labor. If the cervix is completely closed at the time of delivery, then the physician will opt for a C section.

The team has found that eating chocolates three to four times a day can help prevent the risk of pre-eclampsia among pregnant women.Pre-eclampsia is a condition where women who are pregnant may get high blood pressure leading to difficulty for the baby to get nutrients from the placenta and oxygen for breathing. This may result in premature births, still born babies, risk of caesarean or it could be fatal to the mother.The researchers asked 2500 women about their dietary habits and also other health related questions during their pregnancy like their body mass index, smoking or drinking habits, medical history, number of babies they had etc.
They were also asked about their weekly consumption of chocolates or other product that contained cocoa.They found that women who consumed chocolates at least three times a week had 50 percent less chances of a complicated birth.
Also for women in first to third trimester only 36% of those who took cocoa based products developed pre-eclampsia.The research team believes that the chemical theobromine present in cocoa that gave chocolates its bitter taste prevented the blood pressure from rising. They stated, “Women who reported regular chocolate consumption of more than three servings a week had a 50 per cent or greater reduced risk of pre-eclampsia. Regular chocolate intake during the first or third trimester was equally protective.”The study has been published in journal Annals of epidemiology and though the findings are positive, many experts feel more needs to be done about the positive affect of chocolates in preventing pre-eclampsia as the study was not conducted in a controlled environment. When Atula is not busy making up stories with her son, she writes for numerous magazines, websites and blogs. Keri Russell has welcomed her third baby and it's a…Video Captures Lion at Tokyo Zoo Trying To Pounce On Toddler Thank goodness for glass barriers!

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