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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Ant Proof the YardThe next important thing for you to do is to make your yard ant-free or at thevery least less ant-friendly than it naturally is.
All natural remedies can be used as it is in the case of citrus peelings, herbsand spices, and coffee grounds.
Use airtight containers to store food: This makes it harder if not impossible for ants to track down the scent of food items. Ants are a natural part of theeco-system, so if you leave things as it is, chances are they will soon appearin your backyard and consequently they will advance towards the inside ofyour house where there are plenty of food to collect. I have made a list of exactly 20 things & home remedies you can try right now to kill and get rid of these ants. However,upon looking closely, there are times that they attack our homes and backyardand this is no longer amusing.
Checkout some interesting facts about ants.Seeing ant colonies being established in our properties is a major pain.

Simply sprinkle on your garden and all around the house to discourage ants from venturing near your place. Sanitize suspect surfaces: Any area where food is consumed and prepared must be wiped down.
You do not haveto shell out hundreds of dollars for synthetic and chemical solutions to banishthe critters for good. Commercial preparations are not only costly; they alsopose hazards to our health and the environment. You cannot copy articles word by word from this E-book and put them to your blog, e-mail auto responder etc. Although this is already mentioned in the initial stage, it has to be repeated in this section as well. Aside from the dish soap solution, you can also use garlic and pepper spray.This is composed of ? cup of chopped hot peppers and ? cup of chopped garlic. If you leave them exposed just for a couple hours and a colony is nearby you’ll be surprised at how quick a takeover can happen.

Checkout Some Very Effective Remedies For Ant BitesBonus: Keep the Yard CleanThe last step is more of a preventive measure. This ensures that ants will begone for good after you have performed the procedures detailed above. You can protect it the old fashioned way, place the bowl in a larger container filled with water. You’ll have a water barrier that will deter the ants from detecting the potential food stash reserved for your pet.
It works by damaging theexoskeleton resulting to dehydration.Lastly, empty the vacuum bag to ensure that you have not relocated the ants to a newhome - your vacuum cleaner.

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