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As an experienced female sterilization reversal clinic, we meet with patients from all stages of life. Research has shown that while fertility and pregnancy rates start to slow down as women age, especially after the age of 30, there are still many chances that someone searching to complete their family can do so. At the age of 30, a woman has up to an 81% chance of getting pregnant after she has a tubal ligation reversal.
To increase your chance of pregnancy after a tubal ligation reversal keep in mind that a healthier mum equals a healthier pregnancy and elevated chance of pregnancy. For any questions concerning tubal ligation reversal feel free to contact our clinic and we will be here to help you pursue your dreams of another baby. Fertility declines rapidly after the age of 35, making it increasingly difficult to get pregnant, to stay pregnant, and to have a healthy baby.

All of these women have at least one thing in common with each other… they are all thinking of having tubal ligation reversal performed so that they can complete their families. Life changes throughout the years and a choice to have a tubal ligation performed when you were younger may have been the right choice and now with a different set of circumstances you can have Dr. The chance of pregnancy after a reversal slowly reduces between the age of 30 and 40, with 75% of women accomplishing a positive pregnancy before the age of 35, and 65% between the ages of 35 to 39. Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly before and after the reversal to keep your body healthy and ready for pregnancy; Dr.
And if you are over 40 and trying for a baby, make sure you talk to your doctor and follow our tips for getting pregnant after the age of 40. There is an increased reduction in pregnancy rates after the age of 40 with up to 34% of women completing a pregnancy.  However, this percentage can be increased to 46% after the age of 40 if the ring tubal ligation method was used.

Pickles can answer any concerns you have about diet or exercise, and what activities you should avoid during healing after your reversal.
While pregnancies over the age of 50 are rare, they do occur both naturally and, more often, through medical interventions like IVF or egg donation. Some of the other factors that have to be taken into consideration are financial, emotional, physical, and social. While this is good news for older couples who want to have natural children, should you put off your plans of starting a family?

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