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Older childbirths also decrease chances of uterine cancer.When Choi Ha-young’s doctor told her she was pregnant in January, the announcement came as a shock because she is 47 years old.
She attributed the ending of her periods as menopause, not pregnancy.“We have only one daughter so my husband and I always thought about having a second child,” said Choi. Under that definition, more and more Korean women are having late babies.Birth rates of women in their 40s have steadily increased in Korea, according to the Statistics Korea, totally 11,400 last year, up from 5,500 in 2005, “I’ve seen a lot of women in the late 30s and 40s give up pregnancy because of their age, even though they want kids,” Choi said.

Cha Gangnam Medical Center in southern Seoul, another large hospital, saw its number of pregnant women over 40 increase to 758 last year from 372 in 2000, while the figure for twentysomething expectant mothers dropped by 77 percent during the same time period. Doctors said many women are having later babies because of economic issues.“Most of them pushed back parenthood to their thirties and forties when they would earn enough money to better support their children,” said Doctor Kim Am, an obstetrician at Asan Medical Center in southern Seoul.

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