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Although it is difficult to tell the exact time when the ovulation occurs, there are certain changes in the female’s body that hint at this process.
It has been known through studies that on the day before and on the ovulation day there is an increase in the basal body temperature of every woman.
You can also judge your ovulation time by observing the texture and appearance of the cervical mucus. This window is an indication of the time when you are ovulating and the chances of conception are very high during this period.
However this is not generic and the length varies with every woman and depends on factors like stress, physical activity and hormone levels. Ovulation time can also be known using an ovulation calendar wherein a woman marks the 14th day starting from the first day of her menstrual cycle.
During normal days, this cervical fluid is cloudy and thick, however, as you begin to ovulate, this mucus changes to become faint, clear and stretchy. Most of the woman experience pain in the lower parts of their abdomen during their ovulation time.

According to the research and studies on human reproductive system, a fertile woman can get pregnant on any day of her menstrual cycle. However as the ovulation time can be different every month, it is not a very effective way. Measure the temperature using a special thermometer every morning and maintain a record of it.
The probability is always higher during the ovulation period but is never nil at other days.
According to studies only 30% of the total female ratio complete their menstrual cycle in a period of 28 days. Given below are some signs of ovulation that help you knowing your exact time of ovulation. When you witness a slight increase in the body temperature, it is more likely that you are ovulating. Some other premenstrual symptoms that woman experiences are moodiness, breast enlargement or tenderness.

Ovum is discharged when the ovarian follicles burst and it leaves the ovary to travel to the fallopian tubes. The ovum then waits here for 24-36 hours to attain fertilisation after coming in contact with the sperm. As the egg or ovum can stay in the reproductive tract for 12-24 hours, the fertile period for a woman is a maximum of 5-7 days. This is also because male sperms have the ability to survive in the female’s body and fertilise the ovum during the ovulation time.

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