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Ann Furedi, chief executive of BPAS, said: a€?Over the past few years we have seen much scaremongering about older womena€™s fertility. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The fertility specialists say that even after the egg was joined with sperm in a lab, the majority of these fertilized eggs do not become viable embryos, and those who result in an embryo have small chances of leading to the birth of a baby.
While a woman is born with one to two millions eggs in her ovaries, the majority of eggs die right after a baby girl is born. A woman will have around 400 eggs left between her first menstruation and menopause, but the number starts to decline rapidly in woman's late 30s and early 40s. Sperm needs to travel about 3 to 4 inches to fertilize the egg, which could take from half an hour to several days. Also it depends on the time of female cycle, because sperm is able to travel easier and faster during the woman's most fertile period, when the cervical mucus creates a favorable environment. The recent study at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences showed that only about 30 percent of women have their fertile window between days 10 and 17 of their menstrual cycle.
Having sex one or two days prior to ovulation will give you good chances of successful conception.

Usually, these are couples who have bad luck conceiving a baby and don't have any medical problems interfering with conception.
Smoking, alcohol, lack of exercise, chemicals used in cosmetics, furniture, food packaging, pesticides, high stress level are among the numerous factors that reduce our chances for a healthy pregnancy. When it comes to getting prepared for conception, it is usually women, who take care of themselves and make changes in their lifestyle. While it is often assumed that women need to hurry up to get pregnant, this may also be true for men as male fertility seems to decline in the late thirties too.
The French study conducted in 2008 showed that couple's chances of conception drops significantly for a man in his late thirties. Also the risk of miscarriage was 35 percent higher for couples where a man is over 40 years old.
From career women leaving it too late to older women banking on IVF to conceive, these stories lead many women to dramatically underestimate their own fertility later in life.a€?At BPAS we see more women over 35 with unplanned pregnancy than we do women under 18.
While a woman in her late twenties has about 20 percent chances of getting pregnant, this number drops to 7 percent for a woman in her late 30's. While at least 40 million sperm is set free with each ejaculation, only a few hundred will get close to the egg overcoming all the obstacles in its way.

The study revealed that 2 percent of woman began their fertile period by the 4th day of their cycle, while 17 percent had their fertile window start on the 7th day. Also it may be the case when there's a reason for infertility, but this cannot be found due to lack of knowledge. Many specialists say that unhealthy lifestyle, and environmental factors all contribute to declining fertility. It is known that about four million babies were born using assisted reproductive technologies, including the IVF. We know from speaking to women that stories and campaigns suggesting ita€™s hard to get pregnant after 35 a€“ even if well intentioned a€“ are having a real impact on womena€™s perception of their own fertility, and therefore their use of contraception. Secondly, those who do swim may not travel in the right direction, because only one of the fallopian tubes will release the egg.

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