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This section on planning pregnancy assumes knowledge of the section on Fertility Indicators - Temperature, Cervical Mucus and changes in the Cervix. Research has shown that the chances of conception are limited to the five days before, and the first day after the temperature rise. For the normal fertile couple, conception is possible at any time during the fertile phase, but intercourse is most likely to lead to conception on days when highly fertile mucus is present, when there is a wet or slippery sensation at the vulva, and the cervical mucus is clear and stretchy like raw egg white.
A couple who have not achieved pregnancy after six months (following regular intercourse at the fertile time of the cycle), should see their general practitioner who may advise further investigations. A post-ovulatory phase of less than about nine days, may indicate a disturbance in implantation.
Observing the changes in cervical mucus gives the most accurate means of timing intercourse to optimise the chances of conception. In the past it has been recommended that women wishing to conceive should wait for at least three months after coming off the pill, to allow time for the resumption of normal physiology.
Fertility clinics are now suggesting that the first three months can be used to conceive as there is a high chance of conception during this time.

Although for many women there will be little or no delay in returning fertility, the Oxford FPA study, (Vessey, 1986), found that impairment of fertility was greater among women over 30, particularly among those women who had never had a child. Despite reduced fertility for a year or longer in some cases, he found no evidence suggesting that the pill causes permanent sterility. It is beyond the scope of this page to look at the effects of the contraceptive pill on the return to normal fertility.
To use this method effectively - a full course of instruction by a recognised NFP teacher is vital! I always thought it was going to be easy as pie to get pregnant – especially since my mother had so many children, well into her 40s! Infertility Question?If you're over 35 and have questions about infertility, please contact me. The most fertile day was found to be two days preceding the temperature shift which approximates to peak mucus day. The most abundant fertile mucus normally occurs one or two days prior to peak day and is a time of very high fertility.

They have no value in predicting ovulation but are a reliable means of confirming ovulation. Many women will record a second increase in temperature to an even higher level, several days after the ovulation shift due to an increase in progesterone production following implantation.
This is particularly beneficial for women with irregular cycles or with very short mucus pattern possibly lasting only a number of hours. Peak day, the last day when highly fertile mucus is present, frequently coincides with the day of ovulation. At the time of maximum fertility, the cervix is high, short, straight, soft open and flowing with fertile mucus.

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