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There is a lot of confusion among women on whether or not you can get pregnant from intercourse after ovulation.
Ovulation, simply put, is the release of the mature ovum from the follicle in to the fallopian tubes. The time of ovulation within the menstrual cycle is determined by the luteal phase, which is usually 12 to 16 days long in most women. For women who are trying to get pregnant, it is often advised that they should have intercourse  before ovulation.
So if you are trying to get pregnant, cheers, you can try to have intercourse anytime near ovulation to increase your chances of getting pregnant, periods or not! We where taking a break from ttc that month so I could stop stressing and we ended up pregnant somehow. My period has not been completely regular yet as I just stopped bfeeding my son about 3 months ago, but I had a 29 day cycle in May. I tested positive on April 6, went to OB but couldnt find anything, no heartbeat only Sac on my 5wks but no bleeding, nothing! This would be a case of not enough information to determine if you had an opportunity to get pregnant.
Hey i need advice my last period was march 17 it went off march 26 i had unprotected sex on april 1 and april second my period was due april 13 i havent even got a sign of blood could i be pregnant?!
My last pierod was August 31-4 fertail window was 11-16 we had unprotected sex 11 it says my ovulation day was 14 we had sex 1 am that morning of ovulation day.
Hi I have a question my fertile days were June 11 thru June 16 and me and the hubby had unprotected sex June 9 and June 15 I got my period June 25 and my menstrual ovulation app said I needed to get it on the 28 can I still be prego?? Based on the info you provided, it would appear that the 4th would have been a little too early. July 12th would be the earliest, though closer to when your period is due would be better because it will give you body time to accumulate enough hcg (the pregnancy hormone) for the test to detect. Me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant after having an IUD taken out two months ago my cycle came on may 3rd I ovutated from the 14th to the 19 and my cycle came back on may 31st and I ovutated jun 11th to the 16th we had sex all that week and my cycle came back on jun 28th and now I should be ovulating again.
I used the ovulation calender to determine when I would be ovulating my cycle came on may 3rd and it said I would ovulate may 10th a little the 11 fertile the 12 very fertile and the 13 ovulation and now its jun my cycle came on jun 28th and the ovulation calender say I should be ovulating the 8th a little the 9th fertile the 10 very fertile and the 11th ovulation. If the egg was not fertilized before it was released, can it be fertilized while it’s hanging out during the luteal phase or has it already disintegrated by the time I expect to have my next period? My period may still be on its way later this week, but if it doesn’t come, how soon should I take an OTC pregnancy test? You typically need to have sex about 14 days before you get your period for the possibility of getting pregnant.

If you are pregnant, it would be the June dates that you most likely would have conceived with. Hello I want to know if I have a chance this month we really wassnt trying becuz it seems wen u try you get disappointed at the end so we didn’t give it much try but my cycle came on sept 28th the ovulation calendar said I will ovulate on oct 8 thru 11th we started bd this month on oct 5th we skip a day then on the 7th we bd all the way thru the 11th and again on the 13th I just want to know do I have chance in I also used preseed and laid flat for 15mins afterwards. HI my last period was oct 4th, and my period tracker says i have a 26 day cycle, it also said i would ovulate on oct 16th. As a positive opk denotes that you will ovulate in 24 to 36 hours, you could have caught you ovulation when you had sex on the 15th.
If you have been having sex without protection, there is always the chance you could be pregnant.
Hey guys I got my period nov 10-14 I started taking clomid nov 11-15 can u guys help me out when should I ovulate? Had unprotected sex with my partner last night and we have finally decided now is the right time to give our little lady a brother or sister. Unfortunately, you can’t be totally sure when you are ovulating unless you are tracking it some how. I’m not too sure when your ovulation date would be because you didn’t stay how long your cycle it? November 2nd looks like it timed very well, so you may want to have a pregnancy test on hand to test ?? Good luck! Hi Vickie, I’m currently 31 + weeks pregnant, shapely not sure of father, my lmp was 3rd of may, with the last 3 being on a 24 day cycle , I had sex on the 7th may n 15th , 7th being just before being fertile and 15th being the day after my last fertile day I am expecting a girl but in your opinion which would more likely be the father 7th or 15th?
And the correct answer is, yes you can, but only for a very short time.  It is imperative that you understand your menstruation pattern and ovulation timings to understand how and when you may get pregnant.
Ovulation usually occurs around day 14 of a regular 28-day menstrual cycle.  Once the ovum is thus released, it is available to a mature sperm for fertilization for 12 to 24 hours before it begins to disintegrate. You can calculate the time of ovulation within your cycle by subtracting the length of your luteal phase from the length of your cycle.
This helps in conception since the sperm from the man is deposited into the cervix and as soon as the ovum is released, it has the opportunity to be fertilized. It will greatly help you if you chart your ovulation pattern and also monitor your cervical mucus. My last cycle was on Oct 3 and my husband and I had sex pretty much everyday after I went off. 3rd my husband and I decided since the day after ovulation isn’t the best we decided the days before ovulation would be a better try. My partner and I have actively been ttc we tend to have intercourse every 2 days including yesterday July 4.

Does it even work that fast…that we would have unprotected sex and I would miss my period the next day? However this month we assumed we had missed ovulation as my period started early hours 15th Oct.
This is the most fertile period of your cycle and during ovulation your chances of conception are highest. For example, if your cycle is 28 days long and your luteal phase is 12 days long, the ovulation will occur on day 16 of your cycle.
In addition maintaining a chart of your basal body temperature will also be very helpful in pin pointing that fertile window which can help you conceive faster. What are the chances of getting pregnant if I had unprotected sex on April 27 which was a day after my period , may 13&16 which is a week after ovulation and a week before my period. Had sex weeks after… Then so My LMP was May 20, OPkvulation day should be on june 3rd per ovulation tracker app ?? My next supposedly period day was June 17, but bleeded on the 15th for only 3day, idk if it was my period or implantation. When would be the best day to conceive also we just both started working are schedules a bit hectic would yesterday be enough to get pregnant? I know that might not be possible to tell but in July it was a different man so I’m trying to figure out whose it is. The exact time of ovulation may vary within your cycle even if you have religiously regular menstrual cycles.
In fact her chances of getting pregnant only depend on when she ovulates and how that is timed with intercourse.
This is because ovulation can be delayed by a number of factors such as stress, illness, diet, or increased physical activity. Was it close to feb 10 or feb 16 which I had inter course on those days to become pregnant. 2nd, My cycles are usually 31 days average but I noticed that I ovulated on cycle day 24 meaning a longer cycle, with my luteal phase being 13-14days long.
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